November 21, 1996 – To ADGP Punjab on anti-Sikhism


                The Additional Director General of Police in Punjab, Mr. Chahal, and his friend have come to see Maharaj ji. He gives them a very long talk to clear their understanding of Sikhism. In part,

                Some people are said to be anti-Sikh, but in fact it is difficult to be a Sikh. If you are a true Sikh, even the trees are your friends, and the earth kisses your feet.

                Guru Nanak said, “Whatever God tells me, that is what I am saying.” Sikh means “student,”  one who is listening. Then in all three–the Sikh, the Guru, and God–is the same Power. If you get out of the way, That is very powerful. But we must believe that there is One greater than us. Guru Gobind Singh called Him Karan Kunind, Rozee Dahind (The Cause of all actions, providing sustenance to everyone) after seeing Him.

                I tell people, “I am just like you, but I understand that One exists and is speaking through me.” By seeing practical proof, slowly people come to the conclusion that God is most powerful. A person wonders, “How can it be? I am nothing, but there is a Greatest Power whose Hukam is greater than any worldly order.”

                Our management has slipped slightly. A person goes to Harimandir Sahib, which was built by the blessings of Guru Ram Das. But who believes in him? They never think of that connection. Management is always God’s enemy. That is why the prophets are stoned.

                Guru Gobind Singh wrote Jaap Sahib, but he didn’t say, “It starts and ends with me.” Rather, it was all God’s praises. He wrote great praises of Goddess Durga. He called God “darkness” and “clash,” but also “the Manifestation of Peace.”  Only through enlightened vision could he see that He is in those who are fighting. If not, they could not do anything. He also wrote the history of the four Yugas, describing the ways of worship, of rulers, of people’s lifestyles at those times. He told an ocean about family life and rulership, and also about spiritual vision and science. All of this was an ocean of knowledge–so why are we ignorant?

                Some people are grounded in an exclusive identity as Sikhs, criticizing other religions. But Guru Gobind Singh said that Khalsa renounces anger and criticism. If the great virtues of Khalsa arise in a person, he becomes God-realized. If we want to give Sikhism a bad name, we can ignore the teachings of Guru Gobind Singh, but there need be no anti-Sikhism. If you leave Guru Gobind Singh, who is at fault?

                Guru Granth Sahib is all about peace, enlightened wisdom, God’s Light. We want to publish it in all languages, and are especially distributing it in our own country first. But some people would want to burn it if it is associated with Sikhs. Perhaps they want to attack Guru Granth Sahib after seeing certain people, but they don’t know what is in it.

                I had a vision to tell Narasimha Rao to sit in samadhi before Guru Granth Sahib and distribute langar, and he wouldn’t go to jail. I told him he would be under God’s Grace if he did that. He said he wanted to publish Guru Granth Sahib in all languages.

                People who destroy mosques have come here. I said to them, “I am not political. I am a person of vision. But I see that by destroying mosques you will never rule. If you build mosques, rulership will be yours.” They didn’t know how powerful God is. There is no enmity in God, only in people. He always forgives and says, “It will be so.” Corruption develops because people are no longer under this Power. Understand that nothing can change His word.

                The ADGP says, “Please forgive our past sins, too.” Maharaj replies,

                 This is His nature. When He blesses, nothing can stop it. You have great responsibilities–that requires high character and goals. Thank Him always, 24 hours a day, if you love Him. Before Guru Gobind Singh did anything, he always said, “It is all Your Grace.” He is Master of our thoughts, of everything. Nothing is outside of Him. Stay happy and work hard.

                The guest asks, “What is the hukam for me?” Maharaj tells him,

                Be without enmity inwardly, and read Jaap Sahib. God is without enmity and without fear. Take the straight path. We keep receiving, and He never tires of giving. In His House, the supply of everything is limitless.

                ADGP Chahal says, “Guru Ram Das’s picture is in my office. I have loved him since childhood.”

                Maharaj concurs,

                He was God-realized, a visionary. He came from the Formless One. Believe in the Gurus, in the whole cosmos. The Guru said, “I am overjoyed in seeing You pervading everywhere. I can’t describe Your extent, only my joy.”

                Those are very fortunate people who have faith–who understand that He is doing everything. If it were not for the brains and hands that He has given you, you could do nothing.

                The ADGP asks, “What is the hukam about the Fifth Guru for me?” Maharaj tells him,

                They are all one Light. If you love, you are intoxicated by His Presence wherever you go. It is all One Thing. All is created from One Light. Nothing is separate. Love much!

                As this long and beautiful audience comes to an end, Maharaj gives Jaap Sahib gutkas to ADGP Chahal and his friend, and they lovingly kiss them.