April 17, 1997 – Heavenly planets, climate change, and spiritual healing


                Galina Vladimirova, the Russian space scientist, is back for another long audience with Maharaj. She first asks him if there is life on other planets. He says,

                Yes, there are beings like us except that their truth, love, and compassion is much greater than ours. In their eyes is great serenity, great spiritual peace, compared to us.

                If we ask why there is this difference, several things are different in their environment. Those plants and that water are very pure. Their food is very different. Some plants enable them to have very long life, as long as they like–1000, 2000, 10,000 years. And they have no jealousy against each other. There is only peace, peace.

                On those planets they also have clear vision to see the good or bad that is happening here in our world.

                Many people from our world have left with their bodies intact. Where do they go? To those holy lands. In India, many prophets have gone to those places. The Prophet Muhammad called them bahisht – Paradise. Others have called them Swarag, or my Father’s Kingdom. They are very holy places. Some have great power; some have small powers.

                If only people had asked Jesus about his Father’s Kingdom, perhaps he would have described these places in great detail. But people remained silent. The First Guru spoke of Sach Khand, the Realm of Truth, but people never asked him its form, its gardens, how people live there. When the Prophet Muhammad went to heaven, he gave some hints when he came back. He spoke of that Noor (Divine Light), because of which there was so much peace.

                In our holy books it is written that there are fourteen worlds where life exists. There are crores of earths, but life exists only on these fourteen. In our country, the ancient rishis have hinted at what the effects of the planets’ rays are on people and animals, and the effects of planets on each other. Changes in the rays coming from other planets may cause accidents, earthquakes, and mental changes on our earth. This climate change may bring snow here, and places with snow may become tropical. This effect is slow, but it has begun. Scientists may try as much as they can, but these rays take so long to arrive that what they are studying at present isn’t there now. Scientists may contact those rays at different points in their development, so it will be a puzzle. One wonders whether to speak about these or not since they are in such flux.

                There are some things in outer space that don’t exist here. There are powerful destructive whirlwinds, but also something else like a shield. Certain small particles come together to form a force that is strong in one place, weakening the effect of the whirlwinds.

                It is hard for me to describe these things in your language, and they are automatically finishing. If scientists study them, they may be gone, so scientists will doubt. One can’t predict them. I can show you these things. If a person closes his eyes and looks, he can hardly make out the colours, for they move so fast. Our bad luck is that those of us who see cannot write.

                A visionary is like the son of a rich father who requests his father to show him the whole cosmos. The Father can manage it.

                Galina changes the subject to spiritual healing. She tells Maharaj ji, “I was told I have a healing gift. I worked at a distance on a friend with a bad liver. It gave me a very high temperature. Should I do this or not?”

                Maharaj advises her,

                It will surely affect your body. On one hand, you are trying to help, but on the other hand, you are interfering with God. It is compassionate to help bring his suffering to an end. God doesn’t want people to suffer, so it’s okay.

                There are two ways. You may have a vision in which God commands you to heal a person. Or if you request that God will heal him, you will surely be affected. When Jesus healed, he closed his eyes for a second. He was asking his Father, “Should I do it or not?” If his Father said “Yes,” then Jesus would heal.

                Healing does not necessarily require being near the person. A Roman came to Jesus and told him his servant needed his healing. To help people understand the situation, Jesus asked him, “Where is your servant?” “At home,” the Roman answered. Jesus said, “Go—he is healed.” This is different from laws passed by worldly rulers. In spiritual healing, if you just say the word here, your law will be obeyed there. Jesus stood and blessed, and then people came running to tell him that the servant was healed. Any place can be healed from lakhs of miles away, because the healing comes from God, who is everywhere.

                It is good to help, but don’t put pressure on Him if He doesn’t choose. Don’t keep asking again and again.

                There is water all over the earth, but it  is collected in certain places. Similarly, there is healing and enlightened wisdom in everyone, but in some it is hidden. The person who can use this gift is one who has great love for God in her heart. You have faith in healing, and you understand that God is the healer. That is why He does it when you ask.

                If you are to heal someone, a little discomfort does not matter. Jesus was crucified to take on the sufferings of all people. Guru Gobind Singh made some great sacrifices to remove the troubles of the people, not for his own sake.

                When the Sixth Guru was small, he always had a fever. His mother told his father to help him. His father said, “He is taking on the sufferings of others, so that is why he has fever.” She still requested. He said, “Okay, I will ask God to heal him.” According to our scripture, his prayer was heard and the fever stopped.

                Baba Siri Chand put his sickness which came from healing so many people into his blanket, to remove his fever so that he could meet the king who was coming. The king demanded to know why  the blanket was shivering.

                Once when Jesus was standing, a lame person kissed his dress from behind. At once Jesus said, “Who is that?” He could feel someone taking some small part of his power. He had an ocean of healing, but could feel even when  someone took a little drop of it.

                Do more meditation and slowly heal people. Don’t do so much that people are lining up to be healed. Keep some of that healing that you have. It is not an ocean. Keep some for yourself because you, like everyone, need it. But share it with a few whose minds are loving. The more that happens, the more you will benefit.

                Meditate in the morning so that your supply from Him is so great that there is some left for you by evening. God is so great that He can give you more than you need. But you must meditate in the morning. Before going to work, think of Him and talk with Him a bit. When you heal someone, think of Him first. First ask if He wants you to heal. If He says “Yes,” it is fine. You won’t even suffer.

                You are very loving, and He is always healing and loving. He is so benevolent that He is always talking and laughing with us. He loves us so much that we cannot return His love. He loves us even more than a mother takes care of her child. Sometimes a worldly mother gives her child to a nanny, but God will never do that.

                Galina tells Maharaj, “My brother put your Loving God in his pocket and was healed.”

                Maharaj ji says,

                Whoever has it will be healed. Put it by your pillow, in your purse, in your house.  When you speak of love of God, it is full of healing. You translated it with such love that the healing is double.