April 18, 1997 – Persevere like Moses


                Even though he does not read or write, Maharaj ji has great knowledge of all prophets. This becomes quite apparent as he speaks with Vivien Radonsky from the United States today. She is from Jewish background and is on a personal pilgrimage to Jerusalem. Maharaj immediately asks her, “What aspect of Moses do you most believe in?” She replies, “His perseverance.” Maharaj launches into an account of the tribulations Moses faced from his own people, followed by examples from the life of Jesus and of the Prophet Muhammad. Here is some of what he says to her about Moses:

                Perseverance is the quality of all prophets. Look at how Moses helped his people, freeing them from slavery. He suffered for the sake of people who were being tortured and whipped. However, they never looked at him with the love he had for them. But that never shook his faith. Whenever they had to suffer even a little bit, they would turn on him. Moses went up the mountain to get commandments from God, but when he came back he was disappointed to see them worshipping a golden calf.

                Moses was brought up amid luxuries in the palace of the king, and yet he gave up everything since he couldn’t tolerate the enslavement of his people there. Today there is a fashion of helping the poor, but it was Moses who actually helped them. He sacrificed all luxuries for them. He practically showed the way. This is what your histories tell.

                Moses was not a business man. The people did not thank him. They kept questioning him and arguing with him. Once they said, “You said God would provide food for us. Where is it?” Every day God gives. There was just a slight delay, and then God provided manna for them daily.

                These things would somewhat discourage Moses. He said, “God, You have never disappointed me but they do. They couldn’t even wait 40 days while I was with You. You supplied everything.”

                God gave Moses a staff and said, “You said you wanted to free this community. I will do it through you.” Moses’ hand became white. God said, “Put your hand inside your cloak,” and his hand was healed. He threw the staff down and it became a snake. He struck the river with that staff and it turned to blood. He did so many miracles. But his people were always dissatisfied and doubting.

                All of Moses’ miracles are described in the Holy Qur’an. The maximum number of miracles in the Qur’an are those of Moses.

                Moses lost faith in his people but not in God. They were trying to do business with God. But no one else has done so much for his people as Moses. It was very extraordinary to give up the world of luxuries for the people with nothing but a staff in his hand. For the sake of his people he suffered so much. It is very easy to say, “Help the poor,” but it is hard to be Moses.

                Moses is so powerful, like an ocean. Such a faith can never break. Moses is for all.