May 5, 1997 – Those Russians come with such love


                Today Maharaj has a very wonderful audience with Alexander from the Russian Embassy in Moscow and some people he has brought from the Russian Embassy in Tashkent. Alexander has been here before. He explains to the others, “We are very impressed by Babaji and his work to unite people. He has dedicated his life to people.”

                Evgeniy, one of the diplomatic guests from Tashkent, says, “I have worked in many countries–Africa, England, Madagasgar, France, and Belgium–and have visited many more. I have heard that Babaji is unique in the world as a clairvoyant. Thus I would like to pay my respects to him.”

                Maharaj replies,

                I don’t know if I am big or small. My feeling is that in us all is the power of God. I never feel that the prophets’ and messiahs’ messages are for just one country. Jesus speaks–I don’t think that to love him one must be a Christian. It is only necessary to love him.

                If someone asks me, “What is your religion?” I will say, “That of the trees, oceans, mountains–That is the same as mine.” Why? There is nothing in which God’s Power and Love are not, if you see with vision.

                What people think of me is their assessment. I feel I am a person. God made me. Whatever enlightenment is in me is made by God. My work and love are for sharing. There is also the feeling that the power within me is within all of us.

                We have faith that Jesus was created out of light. Which light? That of electricity or of divas? Of that Light from which the whole Creation came, and from which Jesus was created to give the message.

                I am always allergic to Muslims’ saying, “The Prophet Muhammad is ours,” to Sikhs’ saying “Guru Nanak is ours,” to Buddhists’ saying “Buddha is ours.” None of the prophets belong to anyone. Wherever there is love, they are with them 24 hours a  day. They didn’t come for one community, one caste, one country. They came for all.

                Understand one thing–understand it as my enlightenment, my life: What is God? Love. Service. Compassion.

                If we are to stay happy, we should love each other, love our country, and especially love our neighbouring countries. Then we will have no worries.

                If there is hatred, anger, or crime in a person, even if he goes daily to church and prays, he has no connection with Jesus. Jesus is happy with those who always love others–who in difficulties always pray, “Oh God please bless them, too.” Whether they go to church or not, they are surely obeying Jesus.

                That person who thinks with hatred is not Jesus’s.  Jesus even on the cross forgave his crucifiers, “For they know not what they do.” A person who commits crime and says he is Christian–Jesus must surely be disgusted with him, for this is not his mission.

                If our countries were to sit and ask what our prophet said, peace would come in all countries. Instead, we interpret our prophets’ messages in our own way and don’t act upon them. Following the Messiah means practicing the message. If we believe it in our heart, light is created in our heart. Otherwise, no matter how many buildings we make, we will not be enlightened.

                My feeling is that 24 hours a day, love all people, love animals. Don’t hurt anyone’s heart.

                Maharaj then asks Evgeniy, “What do you think? You have travelled in many countries.”

                Evgeniy answers, “In many countries, in different religions, especially in Africa, people are more connected with reality and natural life. Some tribals don’t even have clothes, but they are happy because they are in this natural environment.”    

                Maharaj says, “They are happy because they haven’t developed into a worldly way of life.”

                Evgeniy concurs,” Some of the tribals continue to live as they did tens of thousands of years ago, close to Nature.”

                Maharaj says, “If we would all do that, we would all be very happy.”

                Evgeniy suggests, “The nucleus is the family. Then community and then nations. One of the most important things is beginning from peace and love in the family, and then in larger units. We appreciate what Babaji says: The most important is what is in your heart. If love from your heart goes to all people, you can dedicate your love to all people.”

                Maharaj says, “Wherever people go and interfere, with factories, houses, cars–manmade things–those will surely clash with natural things.”

                Evgeniy agrees, and says, “One great Soviet poet told that love is the power which guides all people. Love rules the world.”

                Maharaj says,

                There is no comparison to love. It is the greatest thing. And what we don’t want we should not give to others. Give others what you want–love, service, kindness. And be happy! Be happy for what He gives you today and don’t worry about tomorrow. We should dance with joy for what He has given us.

                Alexander interjects, “But we are creating tomorrow if we are loving, loving flowers and all.”

                Maharaj says,   

                There are two different things. One is what we have created for tomorrow and the other is worrying what will happen tomorrow.

                Evgeniy says, “I agree. The life which I received from God is very interesting and long. Now I am gray. The love that I have received from God is great.”


                Maharaj tells him,

                Your age doesn’t matter. Your thoughts are still very young. It is only when your thoughts are weak that you are weak. But to look at you, you are not weak at all. Be happy as you are now. Never think you are old or young. Love life! Be happy! Dance with joy!

                Alexander tells Maharaj, “I have known Evgeniy for a long time. Many times he has come to the highest place in government, but many times his plans have been broken. He has had an interesting but difficult life.”

                Evgeniy says, “Only God helped to keep me from going too high.”

                Maharaj agrees,

                Perhaps if you had reached a high position, you would not have been so happy. Sometimes the child wants something, but the father knows what is best to give him at what time.

                Alexander says, “He is a very optimistic person.”

                Maharaj tells him,

                He is very loving. Nothing can stand before the gift of love he gets from God. Many people have high positions, but you have happiness, which is rare.

                Alexander tells Maharaj about Evgeniy’s happy family, and then introduces the subject of his own daughter: “What can I expect from my daughter? As a father, we live only for our children.”

                Maharaj describes the daughter Irina’s personality, from vision, and says that she has a very fine destiny. Irina, who has accompanied her father, then speaks for herself:

                I appreciate all the ideas of Babaji which he gives people as a prophet. I am Christian but agree that God is one for all people, is universal. I agree that as a human being I should love everyone and give happiness and love to everyone. But because I’m a woman, I would like to love one person who will be close. Have I already met this person who can love me as I love?

                Maharaj says from vision,

                The man is okay. But don’t decide in a hurry. Take your time. It will benefit you throughout life.

                Irina asks, “How can I avoid making any mistakes in the future?”

                Maharaj answers,

                Don’t immediately make decisions on the basis of your thoughts. First pray–Put your thoughts There. He will never let you make a mistake. Say, “Master, tell me the correct path. I want to take that path which You want.” Then you will feel from within which is the right path.

                Jesus’s other name is Preventer of Mistakes. Even if people make mistakes, He will take them on himself and guide you on the right path. He will never take you on a wrong path.

                Irina says, “I promise that I will always ask Him what to do.”

                Maharaj assures her,

                He will continue to give you a good feeling. The word you used–Christian–is that Jesus’s mission is to save people from wrong decisions, and to love them. If you follow that, you will never go wrong.

                Irina asks, “My mother gave birth to me and my sister. How many children will I have?”

                Maharaj asks her, “How many do you want?”

                “Two or three,” she replies.

                Maharaj tells her, “It is good if you have two, but you will be happiest if you have one. One will be very capable.”

                Irina points out, “My parents dedicated their life to us children.”

                Maharaj says, “Your destiny is very good. Don’t worry. It is not that all children will be very famous. One of your children will be very famous.”

                Irina replies, “It is most important that they should be healthy and polite, not that they should be high.”

                Maharaj says, “He will be not only healthy but also bright, and he will love you very much.”

                Irina says, “I will always remember this meeting forever, and will always pray to you and ask for your blessings in my life and work.”

                After they leave, Maharaj tells us, “Those Russians come with such love and take away so much.”