May 19, 1997 – Karma can change


                A worried-looking officer comes to Maharaj ji, perhaps seeking blessings to undo some mistakes he has made. Maharaj says to him,

                Life never ends. We may do bad things, but we can clear karma by meditation. Then there is Karam Nazar. The Khalsa is one who has shed karma. “Jo mai kia, so mai paia” (What I have done is what I have received). But come under the Master’s Merciful Gaze (Nazar), and your karma will end.

                Take Jaap Sahib and read it in a very strong way with great faith that God can easily change your karma. When Nazar comes, your karma will become strong. You don’t have to be brave to begin with, but Nazar gives you courage. In the Master’s Nazar, his thought, his tongue, there is healing. All the prophets were healers. Healing is change of karma.

                Karma creates friendship or enmity. If good karma comes, all are your friends.

                Read Jaap Sahib. All will become okay. Jaap Sahib’s greatest quality is that there is no name of any person from beginning to end. It is all God’s virtues. Guru Gobind Singh called God Light, Peace, and also Conflict.

                The public has left karma in search of happiness, but with good karma, happiness comes automatically.

                Read Jaap Sahib seven times a day. Jaap Sahib is the cure for all ills, no matter what is your caste or creed. It is God’s praises without any sectarianism.