May 20, 1997 – The difficulty of innovation


            Several educationists from the National Council for Educational Research and Training center in Delhi have come to see Maharaj ji. One is the senior most professor of the institution. They have come to tell Maharaj ji that they have some new ideas for improving education. He tells them,

            Human ideas may change, but dharma does not. Through human ideas there is worldly progress—but meetings never work. Whenever a prophet comes, people attack him. But at last, his inner truth and love are eventually believed. Instead, we humans try to make decisions by meetings.

            Law is a chain. If you take out a tiny pin, the whole chain, the whole machine breaks. No matter how great the law, if it is broken in some small place, the whole system will fall apart.

            The scientist and the dervish have both done research, cut off from the world, unconscious of themselves. Bhagat Nam Dev was sitting doing his devotional singing to God when a dog came and grabbed the chapati he had made for his lunch. Bhagat Nam Dev ran after him, carrying a cup of ghee, saying to the dog, “O Lord of the World! Why do you want to eat dry bread? Please take this ghee with it so that it will taste better.” His condition was such that he saw only God everywhere. When a person’s condition changes, people don’t believe him.

            Behind this ceiling fan is the sacrifice of a scientist. People’s lifespans have been lengthened by those who developed medicines, did medical research—who gave their life for this work. Wheat production increased because of research. It was not a matter of personal pride—that increase came from someone’s extensive research.

            The ideas of Jesus are still here. He encouraged people to love the air, the trees, the flowers’  fragrance. The priest accused him of saying he was the son of God, but all he said was, “God is my Father.” Such cruelty was done to him for that.

            What was the fault of Guru Gobind Singh? He only said to be strong, and they killed his children. Before coming to this world, he called it the temporary world, where everything dies.”  Human ideas will not last, but who can end the One who gives Light to everything? Alone in the wilderness, Guru Gobind Singh said, “I have no crown, no hawk, no army, but Khuda (God), Your Mercy is with me.”

            Whatever new idea you develop, people will not believe it. But if the idea is good, it will surely develop. Nothing is created immediately. It sprouts only after struggle, after a journey with suffering. In the fifteenth century, Guru Nanak said, “There are crores of suns.” At that time, people said, “So where are they?”

 If you take God’s arm, you don’t need to take hold of anyone else. Behind progress there is great struggle, and also God’s great Merciful Gaze. It is very rare that this happens.

            So make your programme very strong and your mind very pure. Guru Gobind Singh said of his martyred father, Guru Teg Bahadur, “He gave up his head but not his goal .” He was very strict about his goal.

            Your idea is good. You want good management, good education, by a shortcut. Everyone says the burden in their children is great. Through your letters, your brain, your idea will surely spread in good society.

            There are some words with great meaning, but for them, much study and knowledge is needed. For a shortcut in education, they might read something only once, but such words bear repeating many times.

            Maharaj ends the audience by giving Jaap Sahib to the senior professor. He says to him,

“Don’t worry. Take His hand. He is everything.”