April 13, 1997 – Your inner computer


                Maharaj always speaks to people using metaphors that they can understand and content they can relate to. Today a Russian space scientist, Galina Vladimirova, has come for his darshan. She is a member of the International Association for Peace through Culture. When I visited their group in Moscow, they especially recommended her to help in Gobind Sadan’s mission. She became so full of love for Maharaj and his teachings that she voluntarily translated Loving God–the little book of his central teachings–from English to Russian.

                Maharaj speaks to her for a long time, starting with comparing scientists with dervishes:

                With great meditation, a person sees what is hidden within the whole cosmos, which is highest of all. That person can see the relationships between sun, stars, and planets, as God has set them into their orbits. In India it has been written about all these planets and their effects on climate, other planets, and people. They did not speak as scientists. They saw the Creator of the cosmos, Who showed them these effects. If we look spiritually, there are places where there is life and where one could live, but it will take scientists time to find them.

                Enlightenment is so powerful–with closed eyes, the dervish can see everything using highly developed cells. What is the greatest city in the cosmos–boundless, immeasurable? It is the brain. Great research goes on inside the mind. One can sit and look at the entire cosmos or at people’s minds. It is the greatest university. The cells of the brain are such that you can close your eyes and see anything. Dharma long ago said that some planets are sending light from so far away that it takes lakhs of years to reach the earth.  

                Never think that there is anything that dharma has not told. Guru Nanak said there is not one but millions of suns. That is not a new discovery–it’s very ancient. Why are people amazed? Because these things were already written and have not been developed even now by science. It is written that there are fourteen planets where people can live, and are living. Life cannot survive on all planets but there are a few on which there is life and people can survive.

                Guru Nanak saw the whole cosmos and then said, “Balehari kudrat vasiya, Tera ant na jai lakhia” [I am amazed by Your almighty creative power which is pervading everywhere. Your limits cannot be known.”]  I saw Your Power, Your Light everywhere and can only say I am overwhelmed by Your Presence. I can say no more. All moves by Your governor–only You know how You are placing and turning these cosmic bodies. There is an ocean of science in these scriptures.

                What is meditation? Focusing on and researching something to the point that one arrives there. It is an inner thing. Whether science or meditation, until that inner wisdom develops through concentration and research, you cannot become a scientist or doctor or anything. Both scientists and prophets have been successful in their research.

Scientists speak of genes. The dervish says there is a Creator of genes, Who gathered all things to create elements. One says it is the cosmos; the other says there is One who has created the cosmos.


                Whatever your field, it must be fully studied. Until you use the computer of the brain, nothing will work. God’s computer is also placed in the brain. It will never break down as a mechanical computer can. It is such a powerful computer that it can do limitless research in any field.

                After focusing the power within us, how can we clean it for clear vision? When your thought is clear and focused, you may be a great scientist or a great dervish. Whatever God has created within you, keep it clear and free of worry and pressure. Meditation is defense–to keep evils away and increase good. If your gate is open to worry, pain, and pressure, everything will be affected–such as your heart and liver. To keep them safe, meditation closes the door against evil effects. When the mind is clear, darkness has no effect.

                Many people are under pressure from family or social problems. But enlightened wisdom has a clear path, for it is very strong. It is also soft in its love.

                One person has become a business person, another a scientist, another moving in society, another a ruler. But they are not necessarily happy. No matter what field you choose, God’s love and faith are necessary. Otherwise, worry will be there despite your worldly success.

                Keep God’s computer very healthy because all other computers will fail if it fails. It can be serviced, repaired, and kept working only by meditation. Its only strength is meditation. With love and seva, it will never need repairing. It is very important to keep it working properly. It is a very sensitive and subtle city; it must be carefully safeguarded.

                You must meditate some on the Creator of your inner computer and ask that it be kept clear for your work. Tell Him, “When the cosmos was created, I wasn’t there.” Now since you want to study it, He was there, is there now, and will be there in the future. You must invoke HIs blessings to comprehend your findings, and He will give you understanding from within.

                Your spirit was part of God long ago, is now, and will be in the future. Bring it truth, and then the way of your research will be clear. With great love, beg Him for knowledge, and He will clear your way.

                Maharaj tells Galina that it was by God’s blessings that she translated Loving God into Russian. She says, “I felt an inner force working in me as I translated it.” Maharaj replies,

                This is the boon you have been given. The healing power of God is giving you this strength. Those people are blessed who are loving, who have good ideas, who have no worries, who in the midst of difficulties see them as His play. Find happiness in everything that happens. Thank God for what happens today and look forward to tomorrow. All your ancestors worried about tomorrow and left anyway, so stay happy. A person brings sorrow on himself. It is not given by God. Leave it.

                Then Maharaj begins speaking to his staff about the importance of Galina’s translation:

                Jesus’s words were understood and valued and thus spread. The great thing is that she has understood the value of these teachings and translated them into her language. Mary has put all her energy into spreading this; she never asked for any time for herself. Now this message is going to 100 countries. Why didn’t the Gurus’ message spread like this? Because you never took the time. They had the same message as Jesus. He gave love and healing. Take those from him. But Guru Nanak and Guru Gobind Singh did the same. People just go to gurdwaras and temples and eat and don’t spread anything from there. These people are so sincere that this mission will spread to the whole world. We just spend all our money on marriages and such.

                 This Indian culture and spirituality must be spread to the world, for they are unequalled. But now family life and cultural values have fallen apart and corruption is endemic in society. Parents must stand up to their children, take a strong stand. What is needed is to improve people. This is our mission.