March 24, 1996 – Mother Teresa and the Power of Innocence


Mother Teresa has come to a farmhouse near Gobind Sadan to receive donations of sewing machines from her admirers, for use by the poor. Many people have come to see this famous tiny servant of the poorest of the poor, and Maharaj has sent me to greet her on his behalf and invite her to come over to Gobind Sadan. When I do so, she kindly asks about Maharaj: “Oh, how is he?” She says she would love to visit him, but her schedule is too tight this time. She promises to come next time she is in Delhi.

Mother Teresa near Gobind Sadan

When I report back to Maharaj, he is talking with Dr. Karan Singh, one of India’s great statesmen, Sri Ajay Jain, a leading member of the Jain community, and Bhai Mohan Singh, a highly respected member of the Sikh community. About Mother Teresa, Maharaj remarks,

She is sick, but God blesses her to keep going. Her quality is very rare. She gives to people of any religion, and is submitted to the will of God. She is of rare high character.

When you work innocently, you can do anything. Otherwise, we are all under pressure from those above us. But if a person tries to please the public, he doesn’t please God. Whatever is true, say it!

The dervish knows that if anyone thinks of him as a ruler, he is wrong. Dharma is its own defense, but it makes no demands. When something comes from the tongue of the dharmic person, a leader is created and people change.

People bow at holy places, but they do not know whether God exists. They think it may be a fraud. If a person goes before the principal but isn’t sure whether or not he wants to be a pupil, what will happen? Speak of dharma—don’t be afraid!

The Guru is met by the grace of God, and God is met by the grace of the Guru. The question is how to please God. That colour (of devotion) comes from meditation.

Another guest has come to meet Maharaj Ji, Mr. Chawla. He seems innocent and loving. He tells Maharaj ji that his favourite deity is the Mother. Maharaj says to him,

Ma is such that all qualities are in Her. Sit and concentrate on Her, like a child thinking of the mother who nurses him.

Mr. Chawla sweetly asks Maharaj to bless him, and he does.

Dr. Karan Singh, Mr. Ajay Jain, and Bhai Mohan Singh having tea with Maharaj Ji