March 25, 1996 – Inspiring Punjab MLAs


About 50 Members of the Legislative Assembly of Punjab including some Ministers have come for Maharaj’s blessings. He gives them a long talk about Dharma. Some excerpts:

Without Dharma within you, there will be weakness and corruption. Our principle in Punjab is to work hard and distribute to all.

Guru Granth Sahib makes no caste distinctions. Rather, it is written, “Oh sultan, rule by the power of truth.” Guru Granth Sahib supports only that which brings kindness into the mind.

If inner strength is missing, how can Dharma be there? The Guru stood up when it was a matter of protecting the country and the people. But now there is jealousy. He is Guru of all the Creation, and he told us to love everyone.

When I spoke in Russia, I told them that without Dharma, your policies will be useless. Why did our Prime Minister stand with folded hands in front of Guru Granth Sahib? Only because of Dharma. I told him that if he does Chaur Sahib over Guru Granth Sahib, he will rise.

I don’t want to start a new religion. I want to remind people of Dharma, which already exists. To be a guru or pir is a matter of great sacrifice, of martyrhood. It is a great position. I just want to be a good person—to be just and kind.

If you want the welfare of Punjab, follow Guru Gobind Singh. Never forget that there was nothing in Punjab. Now such material wealth is there, but no one thanks him. Thank whoever gives you power.

If Dharma comes in all hearts, hatred will end.

Go from village to village, taking Guru Gobind Singh’s name and good policy. You’ve been given a great chance. You have the responsibility to set a good example—that there is no corruption in gurdwaras. If you keep Dharma in mind, people will be with you, and your fate will rise.

Your Punjab is very powerful, and so are you. Go to the villages. Respect the people, especially the women. Keep law and order strong, and make Punjab an example of a state in which there is no corruption. Give people time. They will come when Dharma rises in you.

Keep the name of Dharma firmly. It is not a sectarian thing—it is universal. Maharaj did not say anything by which to make a separate fort.

Believe in Dharma. Read scripture. If you are in office, pray to have strength to be just. I am always with you in every way. Tell me if you have any problem, and I will pray to God for you.

God has given you so much energy, and will give you more.

Always think of Guru Gobind Singh Maharaj. He is always with you, and he will be. He is sitting within you, with you.

A person becomes good when Dharma comes forth. Become so firm in Dharma that you don’t do anything else.

When you meet people in the villages, ask about their children; don’t ask for their votes. Whenever power comes to you, respect other people highly. They will make you their spokesperson on their own. Meet every person, young and old. Leave all worries to God, and speak forcefully. Speak with love, and laugh as well. They will be very happy.

What you say will have a great effect. Work hard with no expectation of personal benefit.

These MLAs had come to Maharaj very tense, posturing, surrounded by their security men. But by now, Maharaj has so freed their hearts that they are laughing, full of love, touching his feet, taking Jaap Sahib from him with great devotion. This is an amazing transformation, which has happened in only about 45 minutes.