March 30, 1996 – Planning Maharaj’s World Tour


As I’ve travelled a lot and met good people around the world, Maharaj suggests that I can contact many of them to help arrange his meetings on an around-the-world tour. Some of them have already come to meet him in Gobind Sadan; others he can easily see in vision and describes them for me: “This one has great love, open mind, great willpower.” “That one is okay, but she wants her own identity, independence. She is putting five garlands on Maharaj but wants one on herself, too.” “Maharaj’s arrows have pierced him. He is very deep—never wastes time in shallow talk.” ”People there are very loving; they mean what they say.” “In that country, there is love, serenity, calmness, intelligence.”

He can see us all very clearly with his inner vision. Whether we are standing before him or living on the other side of the world, he knows us better than we know ourselves.

We talk about specific places where Maharaj might speak, such as the House of Lords, Crowdon College, and the Annual Meeting of the World Congress of Faiths in London. He gives me important points to make in order to explain his mission wherever I go:

All messengers have brought one message: Behind all Creation is One Power. It creates, sustains, and gives love to all. The Prophet Muhammad spoke of the Master of the heavens and earth. Moses spoke of One God. Jesus spoke of his Father. Guru Nanak spoke of this Power as Creator and Friend. Guru Gobind Singh called it Mother, Father, Dearest Friend.  

Whether you go to gurdwara, mosque, or temple, if there is no love, no spirit of service in you, that is not worship.

There is Something hidden. We don’t know It, can’t understand It with our intelligence. When we encounter God’s Light, then we will understand that there is Truth behind everything. Nothing happens without a purpose. If we do not understand this, our speaking is meaningless. But deep inside us is Truth, a thermometer, a conscience that challenges us when we do wrong. That is God’s Power.

That Power gives us strength to pray, to meditate, to remove our evils, and to love. Whatever is prayed with love reaches God. Loving prayer and faith always unite you with God, twenty-four hours a day.

Before preaching about God, we must love God. In Him are Love and Mercy. First take these from Him. Then those rays spread from us. They will clean bodies, meetings. Anger is poison in the air. If we act and think in love, wherever we talk and walk, peace will be created. Poison will diminish.

We must first control our thoughts. Then there will be only love.

The Gurus repeat that we are to respect all holy books, all prophets. If you differentiate between them, you will never be enlightened.

We have gathered with the same goal. Let us all be students of God, May we desire to learn from Him. May He remove our weakness and give us His qualities. May He make us as He wants.