April 18, 1996 – How to meditate?


                Arvind Singh, the Assistant Commissioner of Customs, has come to see Maharaj Ji. He had heard of Maharaj Ji but had not previously met him. Having arranged an appointment for today at the urging of one of Maharaj’s devotees, he was actually so sick that he could not sit up more than a few minutes. He insisted on coming anyway, saying that to take time and then cancel it does not look good. He sits listening intently for an hour, with no signs of illness.

                He asks Maharaj Ji how to meditate, and Maharaj responds with a wonderful talk, including these points:

People have the notion that Guru Gobind Singh is leader of some small party, but if you study his teaching, you will see that it is for the whole cosmos.

For meditation, it is absolutely necessary to focus on the Guru. Focus on the one whom you most like—all are the same. Comfortably, lovingly think of the Guru. The mind will stray, scattering to 20 places, but thinking of the Guru brings it to one place.

Prayer is speaking to God, but meditation is to be quiet, listening lovingly to what the Guru says.

It is not our programme to make a religion or prophet here, but rather to show people how to leave their worries to the Guru, to join you with God. God has no form, is present everywhere, but make a form to concentrate on. As you focus, that Power will develop in you. When you go inside, you will see that “You are me, and I am You.”

 I feel God is not a fort. He is the Life inside us. Where does He live? 24 hours on the tongue of His devotee. What building is needed?

He is Master of the whole cosmos, and of us. He runs our mind, runs everything. Always thank Him. Always be joined with Him. Bhagat Nam Dev says He is closer than your hands and feet.

How to experience His Light? Concentrate on Him with love. Then there is Light, Light. God is inside you. Why look for Him in the forests?

Whenever you are in society, always say, “If I have any good qualities, it is by His choice.”

I will feel that I have not wasted my time if you take these teachings. Indescribable peace and happiness and power will come in you.