April 19, 1996 – Assurance to poor farmers


            Fifteen poor farmers from a village near Shiv Sadan have come to Maharaj to complain about something someone using Gobind Sadan’s name has done against them. Maharaj assures them that Gobind Sadan never came there to give them trouble but rather to serve them. Into that barren area, Maharaj has brought electricity, roads, health care, telephone service, schooling. He tells them that someone was apparently misusing Gobind Sadan’s name. He says,

If ever there is any trouble, hold a village meeting and send someone to tell us what the problem is. Use the brain that God has given you. We are always with you. We are not there to trouble you. We have come there for your benefit.

Rai Singh (Maharaj’s devotee who is currently the Secretary of Uttar Pradesh and who is sitting with Maharaj) is always helping the poor, 24 hours a day. In his heart is such weakness for the poor. For others, this thing of helping the poor is just a fashion.

We understand you as our own family. Always feel that. If ever any problem comes up, come to us immediately and we will try to help you 100%. If anyone is giving you trouble using our name, know that they are not our people. Educating your children, finding them work, getting you good clothes and good food—we are always thinking of how to help you.


 Even if someone speaks to us in anger, we still love them. We have no enmity.

After discussion of their additional problems, Maharaj sends them off with instructions to the staff to give them good langar before they go.