April 22, 1996 – God and the farmer

            Amar Pal, MP from Meerut, UP, has come for Maharaj’s blessings, since he is running for office. Maharaj gives him a lovely talk about the importance of farmers and suggests he can use these points as slogans. He is very excited to hear these words:

            A farmer has nothing in storage, just the grace of God. God has created the cosmos, and the farmer develops it secondarily, creating milk, vegetables, clothes. Everything comes from the hand of the farmer.

            Whoever cheats a farmer, his fate will diminish. If farmers live and prosper, so will India.

            The farmer is a great benefactor. Even insects benefit. So do birds and cows.

            Up There, God worries about everything, and here below, the farmer worries about everything. If farmers leave, the country will be nothing.

            You are very loving to friends and to farmers. Make that One your Friend who will do all your work.

            Go for the lava deep beneath the surface. There is something inside in which there is Peace. Always think about that. It will never do wrong.

            Read Jaap Sahib and your fame will become great.

            You are a farmer, and so am I. One farmer helps another. I’m a person who has a weakness for farmers. Of all people, I have the greatest weakness for farmers.

            Don’t forget your culture or God—our Friend who lives in our village.

            A leader is made from quality. People will follow you. Help farmers and love God. Keep the heart of a dove and mind of a serpent. God never wants to see his servant low.

            Speak boldly before Parliament. God will be very happy, for He is also a Farmer. We are His crops.