April 23, 1996 – The importance of law and order

            A Member of Parliament, a lawyer from South Delhi, is seeking re-election, and has come to Maharaj Ji for blessings. Maharaj says to him,

Times change. By vision one knows when it is best to act.

Dharma is not to be used for one’s own benefit. It is to bring forth inner strength.

Law and order must be observed. You must make a personal decision to always abide by law.

Read Jaap Sahib—It will help you to speak well from inner truth.

Through chaos and change, law can move like a needle, pulling everything into order.

Speak to Parliament of the importance of observing the law, “because we are the makers of law.” Tell them that everyone is the same. We are all members of one country. As Guru Gobind Singh said, “Let everyone be recognized as one human race.”

As Lord Krishna said, a person who commits a crime, a person who sees a crime being done and does nothing, and a person who tolerates injustice are all sinners.

Beware of those who praise you. They are your worst enemies.