May 21, 1994 – Happiness does not lie in money


Many people crowd into the sitting room of the small “Dubai kothi” where Maharaj lives, as he speaks to Michael Weinberg and his daughter Tisha from the United States. Looking very relaxed, happy, beautiful, and often humorous, Maharaj says,... Read more

August 6, 1994 – Peace in the home


The wife of a famous government official has come to see Maharaj, bringing her two friends. She immediately begins telling him of her worries because her 30-year-old daughter is not yet married, a cause of great concern in this... Read more

August 21, 1994 – Fifteen Akhand Paaths


An extraordinary reading of fifteen Akhand Paaths (continuous reading of Guru Granth Sahib, the Sikh holy scripture) has just ended. The paathis (readers) sat in Darbar Sahib in a rectangle with a slight opening left in front of the... Read more

22 September, 1994 – Maharaj blesses a Texas church


Tim and Barbara Cook, the pastors of the Church of Conscious Harmony in Austin, Texas, are here with Shirley Lanehart, a member of their congregation, to see Maharaj again. They came for the first time in 1979, brought to... Read more

Nov. 18, 1994 – Daniel tries again

Nov. 18, 1994 – Daniel tries again

Daniel Gomez-Ibanez has returned to Maharaj after his very difficult experiences in organizing the 1993 Parliament of Religions in Chicago. It was highly successful in terms of attendance—over 8000 people from around the... Read more

November 25, 1994 – Case won by faith


Jatinder Pal has just returned from Chandigarh, where a court case that was pending against him for seven years was heard. It was in reference to his bid to sell parts from his factory to the government, vs. that... Read more

November 28, 1994 – The Loving Hand


            My nightly havan duty is 2 to 4 a.m.  Last night I had cleaned the ghee pot with samagri at the end of my roll, so I didn’t want to go inside Darbar Sahib (the place of the sacred... Read more

December 1, 1994 – Brain tumour healed by His word


            Some men have come from Mukatsar in Punjab. One of them had a tumour in his brain. He had come to Maharaj a week ago and Maharaj said, “There is nothing there. You can have it checked by doctors.”... Read more

4 December, 1994 – A Merciful Passing


Pinkie Bubber is a gracious and intelligent long-time devotee. She relates that her son’s wife was pregnant for three months. Then one day when Pinkie was doing her daily seva of jharu (sweeping) and pocha (washing the floor) in... Read more

December 8, 1994 – Guru Gobind Singh foretold the future


Yesterday we read to Maharaj a letter that had come to me from the director of a large international interfaith organization who knows me and has met Maharaj. In the letter he proposed that I travel around the world... Read more

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