December 1, 1994 – Brain tumour healed by His word


            Some men have come from Mukatsar in Punjab. One of them had a tumour in his brain. He had come to Maharaj a week ago and Maharaj said, “There is nothing there. You can have it checked by doctors.” He did, and sure enough, the tumour had disappeared. Now Maharaj has given hukam for him to build a holy place in his home and keep divas burning in it.

Maharaj tells him about the case of Arjun Singh, a famous political figure. He was very sick. Maharaj sent Giani Ji to do Ardas for him, and he found that there was an old spirit in his house. As suggested, Arjan Singh changed houses, and everything improved. Maharaj tells the man from Mukatsar,

There are so many cases in Punjab of misfortunes when people don’t honour those old saints. These days people don’t honour those pirs, nor do they believe in Guru Granth Sahib.

Swaranjit Singh, CEO of Escort Tractors and great follower of Maharaj Ji, suggests that we should keep track of and publish stories of the never-ending stream of people who come for blessings from Maharaj, and then what happens when they follow the hukam. Maharaj agrees: “Then people will have historic evidence that will convince them what a great thing faith is.”