4 December, 1994 – A Merciful Passing


Pinkie Bubber is a gracious and intelligent long-time devotee. She relates that her son’s wife was pregnant for three months. Then one day when Pinkie was doing her daily seva of jharu (sweeping) and pocha (washing the floor) in the Golden Temple, Amritsar, a pigeon flew in right next to the basin of amrit and fell before her. Two drops of blood came from its beak. She was stunned—the bird had not struck against anything. Then she heard Maharaj’s voice saying, “I have freed you from this curse.” For twenty minutes, as other people tried unsuccessfully to revive the bird and then carried it off, she stayed there transfixed. She had no idea what it meant.

Then Pinkie went by train to Bombay, where her son met her at the station with drawn face. He said, “We must go immediately to the hospital. Sima is ill and we may lose the baby.” When they reached her side, Sima cried and cried. But Pinkie saw Maharaj with his hand raised, saying, “Bless, bless.” She told her daughter-in-law, “Don’t worry—there will be another one.” The doctor, one of the best gynecologists in India, took Sima. Once he had cleaned her, he came back shaking his head. “You people are very, very lucky,” he said, “You don’t know how lucky you are. The baby that was lost had rubella. If it had been carried to full term, it would have been mentally retarded, dead, or blind. When we find—even up to the fifth month of pregnancy—that the foetus has rubella, we recommend abortion to the parents.” In this case, the foetus had shriveled to a very small size and came out easily. Now the daughter-in-law is indeed pregnant again.