December 8, 1994 – Guru Gobind Singh foretold the future


Yesterday we read to Maharaj a letter that had come to me from the director of a large international interfaith organization who knows me and has met Maharaj. In the letter he proposed that I travel around the world at their expense interviewing religious leaders about their spiritual guidance for the millennium year 2000. Many people are already worrying about what will happen that year. They would publish and distribute a book that I would create from those interviews. It seems like a nice offer, but where would I find genuine spiritual wisdom except in Maharaj, other than in the scriptures? I don’t know of  any other living prophet.

When the letter was read to Maharaj, he first advised,

Take only the interview of those people who are meditating. All the prophets have given hints about the present age. But even in this country there is very little research into this subject.

Then on further thought, Maharaj said,

Guru Gobind Singh has written about this age and about the future in such an accurate way that one would think he is living and writing today. Instead of going all around the world to interview people, take a short cut. Go deeply into Dasam Granth [the collected writings of Guru Gobind Singh]. Then, throughout the world, people will come to know what is the religion of Guru Gobind Singh. As you write, we will take hukam about each part to determine whether it is true. We will ask: ‘What will be in this age?’ and the answer will come. This will be the best book for them.

Guru Nanak spoke about this age also, and he mentioned science: What is science, and what is religion? This should also be included in the book. A small book should be written on this subject. Those who read it will be enlightened. Now there is so much anger, corruption, stealing. What will happen after 6 years? The readers will know clearly.

Epilogue: Alas, since I knew that organization would not be interested in a book of the wisdom of Sikh Gurus, I dropped the idea. Only now am I seeing what a great chance we missed to ask Guru Gobind Singh about the future, through Maharaj’s vision.