15 December, 1994 – Babaji dictates a great message


Maharaj takes great interest in whatever we write about him for the media, because he wants his message to be conveyed accurately. Today he dictates an article to be printed on very good paper and sent to all the professors in all the world’s universities. He explains, “God is sending this to the whole world.” Here is what he dictated:

All Religions are One—God’s Message to Humanity

  • Baba Virsa Singh

Why do people of all religions come to Gobind Sadan? I always feel that all prophets and messiahs are the mouthpiece of God, Whom we cannot see, but Whom we can feel, and whose Light is everywhere present. When people come here, we never feel that they are from any separate religion nor do they feel that they are visiting someone from a different religion. They feel that we are discussing the same religion, whether it says ‘Allah is One, ‘ ‘The Father is One,’ or ‘God is one.’ Do not be surprised by this. We love each other because our path is one.

            You might feel that it is not so. But if we see clearly, the one Whom we call Allah–through Whom we have a relationship with the trees, the plants, and the animals–when we speak of one God, Allah is that. Or if we speak of Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru is that One Who has no partner, Who gives His Light to all places.

People think that the prophets and religions are all separate, but we must feel that they are one. The truth is that God is one and His message is one. To understand this message is a little difficult, because of our fixed mindsets. When we see with enlightened wisdom, a big wall is broken—a wall which indicates that Guru Nanak, Guru Gobind Singh, and the Prophet Muhammad are different, that Jesus, Moses, Abraham, and Adam are different. When the walls made between them are broken, we will see that all of them were messengers of God. People have been taught about the prophets according to the priests’ understanding. But to truly understand them is somewhat difficult. Only the person with enlightened wisdom can understand them; their messages and orders cannot be understood by the brain. Why? Where humans’ power of thinking finishes, from that stage enlightened wisdom of God begins.

When the angel came and gave revelation to the Prophet Muhammad, he said, “I am illiterate. I cannot read.” By this we can understand that the message given to the Prophet Muhammad is not from his brain or his plans. He did not hold a meeting and decide, “This is what we will say.” That One spoke who is Master of the whole cosmos. Likewise, Jesus said, “Whatever my Father is saying, do that. That kingdom of peace, truth, and love that is His will come within you, and will manifest on this planet.”

Guru Nanak used to say, “I am not saying anything from my side. Whatever God says, I am saying. I am not speaking from my brain, my thinking. Whatever God says, I tell that.” The Prophet Muhammad said, “When revelation comes to me, that is what I speak.” When the message came to Moses, or Abraham, or Noah, it came from God.

            At Gobind Sadan, we have 100% faith that God’s message and God’s messengers are not different.  Jesus said, “The Love of my Father is in the whole Creation. If you look at the trees, the earth, the seas, the flowers, you will see His Love. Love everything, because my Father’s Love is in all His creation.”

            Similarly, Guru Gobind Singh said, “He is in the water, the land, the trees—His Light is in all Creation. It is samast jyot–one Light that cannot be cut, increased, or decreased. There is no effect of time or weather on that Light. It cannot be broken. It is stable forever. This is the One Who is creating the whole cosmos, and whenever He chooses, He can destroy it.”

            The Prophet Muhammad said, “The One who is Master of the skies is also Master of the earth, and is worthy of worship. That One is singular; He has no equal. He is full of mercy. Do not become disheartened, for He is very merciful. His door of mercy is always open.”

            In the same way, Guru Nanak said “Sad bakhshind—He always forgives us. Do not be upset. He is always blessing you.”

            Enlightened people have spoken thus, but to understand them, we have to worship and  follow their orders. The Guru says, “With Your blessings I have understood You. Your enlightenment sees You.”

            Lord Buddha said, “Do not commit violence.”This means that all Creation is alive. He said not to hurt anything because everything has life. Lord Mahavir said the same. This means that they saw His Power in everything. 

            It is good if you understand this—that, as Guru Gobind Singh said, “Manas ki jaat sabhai  ekkai pehchanbo—Let all humanity be understood as one human race.” Then Guru Gobind Singh said, “He is in the temple as He is in the mosque; He is in the Hindu worship as He is in the Muslim prayer.” All have the same meaning: worship. Therefore, a person who has firm faith in the Creator and the Creation is a Muslim, a Sikh, a Christian, a Buddhist, a Jain, a Hindu, a Jew—all have the same faith, because all prophets said that Kadar is the Controller of the whole cosmos. We must all understand this. With our small brains, we people have created walls. We must break them.

            We are all humans. We are all brothers and sisters. We are all creations of that Creator. Our Father is one. We are all His family, so we must live like a family. God is giving us love, and we must take it.

            Thus I have firm faith that there is one God. From time to time, He keeps on giving His message. It has been the same though given at different times. Guru Nanak said, “There is One God, and He is Truth.” Buddha said the same: “Truth.”

            If we go to different religious places, people have different ways of worship, prayer, puja. But with our different ways of worship, all of us are going toward the same invisible Father.

Where have hatred and ego come from? Love and ego are opposites. The prophets say, “Love everyone, do not hate anyone,” so where has hatred come from? They say, “Do not hurt anyone’s feelings,” so where has conflict come from? They say, “Do not take away anyone’s rights.” Then where has cruelty come from?

Do not just believe in bowing at a religious place. When we meditate and look inside, we will see that God’s Power is in everything. If we hurt anyone’s feelings, we are hurting God. If we take away anyone’s rights, God is not happy.

 We go to our different religious places and worship there. That is good. But the best thing is to follow the message. If God says, “Do not steal,” the best thing is not to steal. If He says, “Do not take interest,” then don’t take interest. If He says, “See Him in everything,” then do it. If we steal and take away others’ rights and yet we are still praying and reading scripture, this is a different path. It is not God’s path. When we will follow His path, we will feel that God is one and all religions are one. When we speak from our own thinking, conflicts are created and people become separate, forming more new sects. The day you understand that all prophets were one, His sons, giving His messages, from that day your thinking will change. Your fear will disappear, and feelings of service and compassion will arise in your mind.

This is not a lecture. This is a message of love. After reading it, go inside. Do not make decisions only from your brain. Decide according to the voice that comes from within your heart. You can understand only if you turn inside. Everything is inside.

Big meetings are going on, big plans being made, big lectures are being given. But understand one thing: God is not something that can be understood by meetings or by reading books. You can only understand Him by turning inside. Turn within—it is to your benefit.

We all worry about tomorrow. Whatever we have not made, why worry about it? God has made tomorrow. Let Him worry about it. We should all thank Him and enjoy. We should let go of fear and ego. We should have an attitude of serving and be grateful to the One who gives us everything.

There is only one God, one religion. This is what humanity is not understanding. This is why there is so much conflict. We must all understand this.

I will not say anything by which I will create a separate sect. I am not going to change a single word of what has been given by the prophets. I will only tell you to understand and follow that fully. There is nothing new to tell. The prophets have already told us everything. Ours is to follow it. This is the mission of Gobind Sadan:  that we must understand and practice what the prophets have given. Then we will all be one.

He is within us. We must turn within. Then God will bless us.