August 6, 1994 – Peace in the home


The wife of a famous government official has come to see Maharaj, bringing her two friends. She immediately begins telling him of her worries because her 30-year-old daughter is not yet married, a cause of great concern in this society. Most marriages are arranged by the parents, but sometimes no suitable match is found, and by the age of 30, a single woman is considered a disgrace and a problem. Maharaj soothes her, advising her to read Jaap Sahib to clean whatever negative karma may have accrued from previous births. Then he begins guiding her toward actions that will improve the lives of her family members:

If a person gives money for the uplift of the poor, rather than for himself and his family, God will replenish that and turn it into nectar. So do good work with your money. There is no good fruit from money used for yourself—no change in karma if you just give it all to your children. In families where children learn to work hard, rather than just being handed money, they progress.

If there is criticism, egotism, hurting others’ feelings at home, there is no happiness in that house. So don’t do these things in your home. Instead, work hard, love, speak of seva, don’t speak of high and low. If you take a child to bow at a holy place and tell him to read scripture, he will change. Also, don’t give him so much money. Crime comes from misuse of money in the home. Money does not give peace. Only love in the home does that.

One of the other women says, “When a little difficulty arises, we lose our faith.”  Maharaj advises her, “From now on, develop so much faith that nothing will shake it.”

The other woman says, “I’ve made so much sacrifice but my children have gone bad, and there are problems with my husband. Things are so difficult that I’ve even had a nervous breakdown.” Maharaj gives them all Jaap Sahib and advises them to read it and do pocha (cleaning the floor with wet rag) in the havan. He says, “You see difficulties all around, but God will give peace to all of them.”