August 11, 1994 – Importance of having a goal


                A young scholar from the United States, Brian Axel, has come for Maharaj’s darshan. Maharaj immediately begins speaking to him of the practical importance of having a goal:

                People should focus all their energy on their goal and follow it. Those with no goal always remain scattered in their energy. Meditation has been stressed by all our ancient traditions in India, to collect the scattered and desire-distracted thoughts. When our mind focuses, tremendous power is created in us. Then when we set our goal, we will be able to attain it.

                Within our mind, goals are continually arising and falling aside. Until we have a firm goal, we are never really committed to the thoughts that arise. Then fear comes within us. We begin to question ourselves whether we should go in that direction or not. Until we are clear about our goal, our life is one of wandering. Today as in the past, those people are remembered who were very clear about what they wanted to do in their lives.

The weaker the goal, the more the delay and procrastination. If we are left with this dilemma—“Should I do this or not?”—every day that goes by is wasted. It is not good to waste any time, because we do not know how long we will live. One day, then two days are gone.

The most dangerous thing for a person who is not clear about his goal is to put something in writing. That is dangerous for the public and for themselves. You must really take something down to the bones. If you are to write about religion, people, or culture, don’t sit in your living room. Live with those people, sleep and eat with them. Then write.

You are well educated. But never put pen to paper until you have really gone to the depths and become fully satisfied. Baba Siri Chand was a brahmgiani (God-realized person) who spent his time in meditation. People who came to him were transformed. They asked him, “When we die, who gets a good position and who gets punishment?” He replied by telling a story: Four people died, and according to their karma, they were being judged. One was a thief, one was a murderer, one had oppressed people, and one had written books read by lots of people. The first three were duly sentenced, but the author was left sitting there. He said, “I have written so many books, and they are very popular. When will my waiting period end?”  The answer came, “Whatever misimpressions are given in books attain permanence. When something incorrect is published, it seems to have a seal of approval. By reading something wrong, people’s actions become wrong. So long as anyone is reading your books, your judgment will not be completed.” Humans judge a person by his biodata and awards, but perhaps he did no first-hand study and just repeated what was wrong in other books.

The prophets always spoke truth. But shortly after their time, people began to change [their history and message]. The further we depart from truth, the more its energy is reduced.

Brian returned to the issue of having a goal, saying to Maharaj, “I’m afraid I have no goal.” Maharaj said,

Then do not start. First pull your thoughts together before you start any work. Understand that within you are two things—your mind and God. First meditate and meet that part of you that is God. Then your fear will vanish and your goal will be strong. Worship the Fearless One and your fears will be taken away. Sickness of mind is common; meditation is the cure. Loving and praising God and meditating will cure and strengthen your mind. Your goal will be clear and your path will be straight. You will not be alone, and no confusion will be left.

You are still at a good age. Start taking this medicine. Why should you let this illness spread any further? As we take good food to nourish our body, our mind also needs nourishment—Nam. Once you take that little love in you and put it before God, He will give you so much that you will overflow with it. Have faith. He is within you. You have not looked and have instead been running around outside. Once you take this medicine,  duality will disappear. You will become one. He will be your Father, leading you like a child by the finger.

You have a lot of good ideas, but they arise and then you let them fall away from fear: “Should I do it or not? What will come out of it?” Something beautiful will come up, and then immediately disappear. The more you look toward God, those good ideas will come clearly into focus.

You are a good boy. May God bless you.