March 21, 1996 – Guru Granth Sahib for the Prime Minister


Maharaj has been invited to the home of Buta Singh, long-time devotee and political leader, including his time as Union Home Minister. Maharaj is to present Guru Granth Sahib in Hindi to the Prime Minister of India, P. V. Narasimha Rao. When Maharaj arrives, Buta Singh greets him lovingly and says, “Having your darshan is a great blessing.” In introducing him to other illustrious guests, Buta Singh refers to Maharaj ji as “Puran Brahmgiani (fully enlightened soul) Baba Virsa Singh.”

Maharaj ji with Prime minister 2

The Prime Minister ties a scarf on his head out of respect for Guru Granth Sahib, which he will install in his home, and for Maharaj. Maharaj tells him,

Wherever Guru Granth Sahib goes, Light goes. Its greatest quality is that people of all castes are sitting in it. The whole Creation bows to it.

Dharma is not for using. It is for doing justice. If we use it, rebellion occurs. Never make decisions based on caste distinctions. People have made those distinctions, not God. Reward people only for being good human beings.

I am not presenting myself as a guru. I am a working man. I want to become a good human being. I want progress for our country. I am a farmer, not a member of any political party. I never go to any political function, but Buta Singh has been so loving that we had to come.  

Maharaj ji with Prime minister

After the brief presentation function, Maharaj ji speaks with Buta Singh and others. He encourages them to abandon religious distinctions:

Christians say, “Jesus is ours,” but Jesus said, “See my Father’s Love everywhere.” Guru Nanak said that it is difficult to be called a Muslim, because a Muslim has a heart soft as wax. A distinction is made between mumins (believers) and kafirs (non-believers), but this does not mean Muslims and non-Muslims. Mumin is one who reveals truth; a kafir is one who covers it.

With good training, peace and coolness will come to our country. Why is there fighting? We are all brothers and sisters in our country. We need teamwork, which can happen if there is no fighting about religions. One person is saying, “I am Muslim,” but no one is truly a Muslim. Kshatriya is one who gives his head for the country, for the lowly.

After meeting and listening to Maharaj, one of the guests, Pandit Chela Ram, says to us, “In Kali Yuga, you are very fortunate to be near such a great soul.”  

Maharaj ji with Buta Singh