January 11, 1997 – To Natasha and Valodya


                Natalia Tots of Moscow publishes an interesting journal combining science and spirituality. Valodya is an inspired artist. They have come from Moscow to meet Maharaj ji. During their long conversation with him, he tells them,

                It is good that you are developing your brain for good things daily. Whenever good ideas and plans come, always thank God. Why do I say this? God’s blessing and Light is so clear and powerful that no evil can come near. When thoughts reach a certain point, they become disturbed. Then God’s blessings will clear that impediment and show a clear path.

                God’s greatest quality is that He clears the way and gives happiness, but makes no demands. Whatever help He gives is given without selfishness. In the world, we will never meet such a relative or friend like God.

                Wherever you want to go, you must make an aim. To love God it is not necessary to leave the world, or to leave your home or taste for things. He will actually increase those things, for with faith in Him all will be improved. He is always happy. Why not take love from Him who never despairs?

                Those who love God say, “Whatever ideas you have given, they are all You.” If someone says, “You are making very good, lifelike statues,” my thought will go at once go to God–“Is it not You who are putting life into them?” But a well-read person will think the figures are lifelike because the artist has read so many books.    

                Valodya agrees and says, “But I think we came to earth to do something which will make God happy.”

                Maharaj says,

                No doubt. I have said the same: God makes the plans, gives the ideas in the portraits. If you make something beautiful, God will surely be happy, but it is His idea to do so.

                Valodya says, “People ask Him, ‘Give, give, give,’ but what have you given Him?”

                Maharaj replies,

                This is a priceless idea. No one but God can give it to you. You are saved from a long journey of sufferings, for you have this belief. If it took you 40 years to come to this realization, even then the journey would be very valuable.

                Valodya says, “After 40 years, who will tell this? Only God knows.”

                Maharaj smiles and says,

                So it is good that God has told you earlier. Those with such ideas are very lucky.

                Valodya shifts the topic, saying, “Unfortunately, in addition to mind and thoughts, God has also given us a body. It is unfortunate because you can only exchange thoughts at the soul level, but the body lives and has its own demands.”

                Maharaj replies, “The body is like a house. That which tastes and feels lives in it.”

                Valodya says, “We need to clean it, this house.”

                Maharaj says,

                Everything is connected to that. The house is the Master’s. If the Master likes cleanliness, the whole house will be clean. We are laughing–it is an inner thing. Who is happy? See it like this from now on: Whatever we touch makes us happy, but what is happy is the One who lives in the body, the Controller.

                Sometimes we sit in meditation to the point that our body is tired and painful, but That which is inside is separate from the body, and That is enjoying. That is a very high condition. To find Him, we must meditate.

                I think you have understood that if we make something with our hands, it is to please God.

                Valodya answers, “It means that our life is also meditation,”

                Maharaj replies, “The person is surprised that after he makes something it is very attractive.”

                Valodya says, “Our whole life, all our movements, are toward Him. If He were not there, there would be no imagination.”

                Maharaj explains,

                Meditation means focussing. We could not get food to our mouth without concentrating.

                One method of meditation is to stay connected with Him always. If a writer is not concentrating, he cannot force the hand to write correctly. If you are writing a book, you are focusing on it 24 hours a day. Concentration means to be joined with a goal. In hockey, you must concentrate on the stick in order to hit the ball.

                Meditation means searching for God. A scientist will not call his research meditation. If concentration is used to connect the soul with God, then we can call it meditation. But perhaps pepole need to learn first how to concentrate as an artist or scientist does.

                Meditation means to search again and again  for God. If a person concentrates on God, searches for God, repeats Nam, that is meditation. A person who is fully immersed in anything will succeed, but that is not necessarily meditation.

                Valodya lovingly says, “Thank you for all these questions we have discussed today. Maharaj is sitting in this room and spreading his message to the whole world.”

                Natalia says, “Starting from the next issue, I will write an introduction and then quote discussions like this for our journal, for Russians to discuss.”

                Maharaj says,

                You have great love in you. To publish good ideas for the world is a great blessing. As many good ideas go out into the world, the world will change. May God give you the power to spread very good ideas in the world. May God give us gian so that we may speak that which will bring peace to the world, and may He give you the power to publish it.