January 11, 1997 – The earth danced


                After Natalia and Valodya leave, Maharaj continues talking informally to us. His subject is a spiritual perspective on land:

                All wealth revolves around land, whether you buy land or a building. Whenever the pope travels, when he lands he first kisses the earth, because it’s our mother.

                When I have walked around, the very earth and fields were dancing as I approached. It’s a matter of experience (anubhav). We cannot see this, but the trees and the land are very happy when the Master comes. It is necessary to ask the land if it needs water, so the land appeared to me as a boxer, saying it needed water. The land is God-realized (Brahmgiani). It knows how much urea to add. We did that according to the land’s wisdom and there was a record crop.

                Once the sugarcane in our area had red rot.  The hukam came to spray our sugarcane with bibhuti (ash from the havan).  Officers who came were amazed to see our healthy sugarcane, for this is a disease that normally cannot be controlled. Usually the whole crop should be destroyed to avoid spread of this deadly disease. The wisdom of the land is no theory. We must write about all this in books.

                Ganga  (the River Ganges) said She would give us the whole area, and She did (changed Her course, leaving hundreds of acres for us on our side). By Her hukam, we had 20 women doing Chaur Sahib on Her banks.

                First one must hold a meeting with the land, with Ganga. God is the Master of everything. We are sitting here, but so much puja of Mata Ganga is going on there (in Shiv Sadan). She is no small thing. She is a Great Power.

                If you are sitting in samadhi, He will give anything. I am allergic to anyone who considers himself great. God is great, the land is great. When I was young in Sarawan Bodla, They showed me I would someday have so much land, but I was allergic to that. Nevertheless, what They said would surely happen. They said, “Get ready. You will have so much surplus.”

                The person is nothing. With His word, His Nazar (merciful glance), the person  becomes powerful, but is actually nothing. Maharaj (Guru Gobind Singh) is like a tubewell to take out God’s underground water. Faith, truth, true speaking are God’s. People have nothing.

                The one who is always changing people’s karma has to give his family’s blood. If the gun is placed on your shoulder, it will recoil somewhat, but then people will have coolness and peace. If you are carrying people’s burdens on your shoulders, there will be some weight, but still God’s messengers cradle the people in their arms. They know everything that will happen, and yet they sing in love for God. Whatever happens, they know God as their dear Friend. God’s devotees have no limits. Maharaj and his sevadars are extraordinary.