January 3, 1997 – Sacrifices of the lover of God


                Maharaj ji has been listening to our newsletter draft being read out, translated into Punjabi. As always, he listens very carefully and then suggests some wonderful amendments. Tonight, he is inspired to tell us more about Guru Gobind Singh’s state of mind as he willingly sacrificed everything, including his four sons, for God’s mission. When he was alone in the Machhivara jungle, pursued by the imperial army after leaving the besieged fortress of Chamkaur,

                 He said, “I have no grudge against You.” He knew that God gave everything and could take everything back, but said, “Your Rehmat (Mercy) is with me. The rest is material. I have no falcon, no crown,” he said, laughing. He set a great example: He had been a family person, a ruler, a guru, but in seeing it all go, he still laughed and said, “Kuda (God), Your Mercy is with me.”

                When His four children were gone (all martyred), he said, “Fine. You gave them; now You will take care of them and I am free to work more. They are Your responsibility.”

                When he was sleeping on the ground in the jungle, he was still happy.  

                Why is the prophet stronger than the king? He said to the king: “Send whatever you want against me. It makes no difference.” He says to God, “Take it all. It’s Yours. It’s Your responsibility.” He was not conscious of the pain. Just love, love.

                Just so, Mansur al-Hallaj (Persian Sufi saint) kept saying, “Ana’l Haqq” (I am the Truth/I am God) whether his hands were cut off or not. When Mirabai (16th century royal worshipper of Krishna) was given poison, she understood it as nectar from her beloved Sham (Krishna) and drank it without fear.

                 If love is conscious, doubt that it is love. Love has no consciousness, no eyes, no legs. The Ashak (lover) knows nothing. If he says, “I did this, I gave that,” doubt that it is love. The Ashak has no existence, knows nothing. The pir had gone Somewhere Else. Only his body was there.

                It is very difficult to measure love. Only God can make a sacrifice. A person cannot.