January 3, 1997 – Many ways of seva


                I report to Maharaj that my husband Edward, who lives in the US, has given money for our work. Very pleased, Maharaj says he will be blessed with peace. Then he proceeds to give a wonderful talk about seva:

                Seva comes in many forms. We don’t ask for donations, but seva involves giving–such as giving time, school fees, or medicine. Sweeping the floor is not the only way to do seva. Another way is giving langar from the heart. So is doing paath (reading scripture) without any demands–except that Maharaj’s mission would spread. Some speak sweetly and thus give peace to others. Just as one’s character is a matter of one’s whole life, so it is with seva. A person’s character and her seva include her whole life–sitting, eating, speaking, sleeping–her every action.

                One thing is very clear: It is not seva if a person does something so that his desires will be fulfilled. People may be sweeping the floor or reading scripture with the feeling that they will be disillusioned if their demand is not met. The Guru says, Give me that which will always satisfy my hunger, which will be stable—Oh Contenter, give me the Naam.” Seva has no demands. 

                Understand seva as God’s grace–that in which there is no pride or demand. With that, you will then have enlightenment in every word. Two things are opposed to enlightenment: egotism and demand. The sevadar (person who does seva) feels, “You Yourself are seeing, You Yourself are reciting Nam. By Your Grace, You have recognized Yourself.” When a person feels that He is meditation, and the Light that comes with meditation is also Him, he becomes a sevadar. One person says, “I have been a sevadar for 15 years,” but perhaps you have never been a sevadar. You cannot say that you have been meeting Babaji for 15 years. The sevadar is automatically merged with the Guru inside.

                People misuse the distinction of junior vs. senior. Who is senior? One in whom Brahm has come, no matter what his age. A person has taken birth many times and may have been a sevadar in his previous life. If a person doubts, time is needed.

                How can each word (of the guru’s message) go to universities, spread to society, to every place? As they do, slowly society will change. These words are so holy. There is no end to their purity.

                Nothing is impossible with the guru’s merciful gaze (Nazar). A thief can become a saint, for that Nazar can purify him. When the guru is happy with you, so much Light is showered on you that no filth can remain. Meditation is also very powerful, but Nazar is needed for that attraction. Both things are from the Supreme Power, and sin is obliterated.

                Understand that Someone is watching you and writing (your karma) 24 hours a day. All your errors are recorded. “If I get up early in the morning (for worship), it is because You want me to. If You don’t want, how can I sit in samadhi?” But people think, “I wake up.”

                Keep your mind and your wealth clean. If your thoughts are clean, compassion and desire to serve will come from within. All good qualities are already there. A person’s state keeps changing. The extent of gian (enlightenment) is endless. Look for Truth. Keep looking. When the mind is clear, nothing else is there but enlightened wisdom, Light. If the mind is dirty, you can’t even see the flowers.

                Gian never ends. Gian grows within gian. Whatever you ask for, God gives.

                Be especially careful to do seva without demands. If you’re not under an umbrella, the rain falls directly upon you. Just so, gian’s Light falls on you if there is no barrier of ego and pride. 

                It is very necessary to study gian daily. With worship and scripture, Light comes continually. If there is no criticism, the clean air and healing remain constant. Therefore when you are making a religious place, try to keep it clean of the poison of criticism and thinking ill of others.