June 13, 1996 – Share all that you have


            Maharaj is in a special mood after giving audience to Lena and Gerald Shagedanov. He starts dictating a message about a subject very close to his heart: helping the poor. What he says is based on his own practical work in uplifting the weakest members of society, in contrast to political and religious leaders who proclaim themselves to be saviours of the poor. He tells us we should send this message to newspapers and international media such as BBC.  

            He starts by posing questions:

How has religious management distributed the prophets’ message? Who is rich? Who is poor?

It is necessary to live, sit, and eat with the poor.

All religions speak of gyan [enlightened wisdom] and truth. Never abandon gyan and never stop uplifting the people’s voice. Even on the cross, Jesus said, “Forgive them, for they have not understood. It is Your choice—You did not give them enlightened wisdom.”

Share everything, whatever you have—the work of your body, your property, your thoughts. The prophets could not be comfortable until the people were comfortable.

What is dharma? Only practical life. Guru Nanak was not concerned with settling his own family financially, because he understood everything as ephemeral. He gave his life for the people’s happiness. That was his happiness.

 If you want to be Messiah of the poor, you must do like this. What you see in religious authorities is not dharma. God is not a name to be used. He always gives.

Who is poor? One who has no gyan, is nervous, worried. Another poor person has no house, food, or clothes. First sit, live with them, and then make our programme. Is our memory so short that you can take the name of the poor and sit in a wealthy house?

Helping the poor is now a matter of fashion, of public names. Guru Gobind Singh did not speak of wealthy and poverty, or encourage people to rebel against the government. He spoke of liberating the ignorant. In Anandpur he had nothing.

First decide, What is this? Dharma is practical, so communism is practical. They call themselves Saviour of the scheduled castes, but a person of Scheduled Caste is a human being. Guru Nanak gave first class seats in his mission to people from Scheduled Castes. He gave all the seats to gyan.

Look what great sacrifices Guru Gobind Singh made. He understood lower caste persons as his sons. Bhai Manni Singh and Bhai Mati Das made great sacrifices for the oppressed people.

First decide: Are you giving all you have to the people? They have no house, no food, but you are sitting in a wealthy villa. The prophets definitely came for them and sacrificed their lives for them. They stopped riding in a buggy because the poor had none. They stood where they had no food.

Think and then speak. The priests will never give God’s message. Seeing their management, countries become divided. First decide whether your elders were wrong, or you.