June 14, 1996 – You have forgotten your base


            A group of Punjab officials, including the Chief of Police of Jallandhar, have come to see Maharaj ji. He begins by telling them how Prime Minister Narasimha Rao, a Hindu, has appreciated the Sikh scriptures that Maharaj has given him:

            Prime Minister Narsimha Rao kissed Jaap Sahib and took Guru Granth Sahib to his home. He says that Guru Granth Sahib ends all castes, all ideas of high and low. Now he does Chaur Sahib (waving whisk over the holy book), opens it with great respect, and also reads Jaap Sahib. He says he will publish Guru Granth Sahib in all languages of the world.

            By contrast, your children have become so “advanced” that they have forgotten their mother tongue, their culture, their Guru. These are very sacred things. Your children have no enlightenment. To whom can they listen? All they hear is injustice.

            Read scripture. Inner strength, willpower, love, and enlightenment will arise. Don’t make yourself an authority; God is the Authority. Do justice. Give time to people. 

            Dharma is very powerful. Dharma and rulership have always been joined in India. The dervish doesn’t go to the king. He says to God, “Give me that power by which to do justice.” The dervish can create a king, but all the kings combined cannot create one dervish. Our ancient principle is that dharma is our base. No work can be done without it.

            Now there are difficulties and losses everywhere, but God will never give you a loss. He will never give His son a stone to eat. Every day I say, “May darkness not come.” If you believe in Him, Light will arise within you. Respect the laws of the country, and never leave dharma. Take it 24 hours a day and stay happy.

            Make Him your Friend. He never comes nor goes. He is with you. See Him. He is loving and never stops supplying blessings, compassion, or food. Even when we leave our body, He is there waiting for us.

            Control your mind.  Ride the horse of friendship and love. If you ride the horse of enmity, there will be hatred and conflict.  

            People wonder how reading Jaap Sahib can do anything. But He can change everything. Slowly people are coming to Jaap Sahib. Keep a little light in the darkness.  People don’t understand what Guru Gobind Singh’s dharma is. No one can attack it. He always benefited people. He is unequalled. But people don’t know.

            You tie turbans, but tie the turban of Guru Gobind Singh’s teachings. What great blessings he gave in Punjab. Now look at what nice houses people have, such good food, and He is ready to give more. As Guru Nanak said, “The Giver keeps giving so much that the receivers get tired of receiving.” This goes on whether you thank Him or not. But by thanking Him you will receive peace.

            Never forget: Guru Gobind Singh is your base, your thought, your discriminating intelligence. Never leave Him. Even you are enjoying the benefit of his blessings. But now in Punjab people don’t get up in the morning to do Nam or read Gurbani. They drink. Thank Him. You still have time to give money to the chokidar to open the gate.

            People have made habits of doing rituals but have no faith. If you respect the Guru, you will be respectful to all society, all Creation. Guru Gobind Singh is ever living, always giving his light, never coming or going. He is watching everything we do. He is seeing our bad actions, but still he keeps on giving. He is ready to supply you with everything. It is his nature.

            Join that Power who will never disappoint you, who always overlooks our faults. Take all his blessings. That doesn’t mean to leave your family, office, or society, but to see Him in every breath you take there.

            Once he had no shoes, no falcon, no army, but he said, “Oh God, I have nothing but Your mercy, and I am happy.” The Guru has given such an example of being happy even in difficulties, always blissful. Why should we cry?

            Punjab is a very important place. The Vedas were written there. It is a very powerful land, full of God’s blessings. Guru Gobind Singh is always there giving blessings. His every breath is loving, teaching, giving enlightened wisdom. He never suppressed anyone; he was the breaker of enslavement.

            Share whatever worldly goods and whatever enlightened wisdom you have. That is why we have made this community. We are all brothers and sisters of one Father. We are proud that at Gobind Sadan we regard all who come as equals—as fellow human beings. We give them Jaap Sahib and say, “It will bless you.”

            Don’t make the Guru into a party. He is for the world. Guru Granth Sahib has no fort. It was seen and written by vision. It is all enlightened wisdom. Don’t politicize it; practice it. Keep your character high. That is keeping its Prakash in your heart.

            Guru Gobind Singh is not for any one person. He is giving Light to the whole cosmos. No one can stop one who believes in him. When he says, “Tatha Asthu” (May it be so), how can anyone stop you?

            I don’t want to make you my disciples. I want you to believe in Guru Gobind Singh, to get everything from Jaap Sahib. The Guru is your Friend, like no one else.

            After hearing these powerful words, the main visitor, the Chief of Police of Jallandhar, says of Maharaj ji, “He is a very enlightened being, and he speaks so convincingly. One can see that Power in him.”