March 26, 1997 – The value of ancient wisdom


                A woman who is helping Gobind Sadan to sponsor the research and book publishing of a wise elderly historian has come for Maharaj’s blessings. He speaks to her about the value of things known to India’s ancient sages:

                In India, the effects of the stars and karma are linked. Astrologists know that when particular planets’ rays are prominent, this or that thing will happen. But this is not a matter of science. It is the wisdom of rishis [great sages].

                The most precious and powerful influence is the merciful gaze of the Master. But to get this Nazar [gaze], one needs faith and blessings. The one who receives blessings is one who obeys the hukam [God’s command].

                 The dervish can bypass the effects of stars and karma by his word. He can foresee what will happen. There is a big difference between one who meditates and an ordinary person. The one who meditates can see the future.

                We come to the earth, marry, build a house, have a family. Our biggest mistake is that we forget that we have been here before, and we leave Nam and paath [daily scripture readin]). So we do it all over again. Without the dervish, we won’t remember. Gurbani says that we are not free of karma, but we should not leave paath, for we will come again, and reading paath affects our future.

                Even animals provide food and shelter for their own family–so what is that? God created you so that you could give charity, serve others, recite Nam. Then your future karma will be very good.

                When a person is weak, he can’t even think of improving his life. So life after life he is in a low position. He doesn’t meditate because he can’t imagine improvement. God hides from us the fact that we are all gods, so we do wrong. It is a drama, and we must rise above it somewhat by meditation.

 It is okay to be a family person. God is the greatest family person, for He takes care of everyone.

                God is like a farmer who cuts His crop when He chooses. He gives different lengths of life so that He can plant different crops. People doubt God. They think they can do things by themselves. Gurbani says, “Don’t worry–worry is His. He provides for the creatures in the water, without any shops. He will also take care of you.”

                This life is a journey. It starts when we are born. The greater the person, the greater the responsibility– and the headaches. The poor sleep well and eat that which gives them energy, such as red peppers and gur. Sag [spinach] is full of iron. They eat natural food and thus get great energy. Those who live long live in natural places, such as mountains. Natural fruits and vegetables are no more. All are poisoned by chemical agriculture, and thus sickness increases.

Philosophers and scientists may be wrong, but not vision. Guru Gobind Singh’s vision was that illness would come from what people eat. Wherever enlightened wisdom is given respect, the country will progress, and dharma will spread.