March 27, 1997 – We are His marionettes


                A group of devotees who move in high society circles come for Maharaj’s blessings. He clearly tells them not to be proud of their accomplishments:

                Guru Granth Sahib says, “You may work hard, do seva, and give offerings, but if you think you’re doing that, it’s like bathing an elephant.” After an elephant is bathed, it immediately throws dust on itself and gets dirty again. The whole thing finishes there. If people understood this, they would have fear.

                A person says, “I did this, I did that.” But he is like a marionette. The one who moves the marionette makes it dance with a mere crook of his finger, but we can’t see him. Seeing such a drama, He is laughing.

                 Playing his own little drum a person gets tired. Forget what you have done. Say to Him, “Only You could do this work. We can do nothing.” There is no “I.” There is only “Tuhi, Tuhi” (“It is all You”). People just come and go.

                If He has given you a good duty, enjoy yourself and say, “I’m not worthy.” Nothing is with people. If they think so, they will have accidents. Guru Nanak was very strict about this.

                Karma and changing karma are in God’s hands.  God is always reminding you from inside–“Don’t tell lies, don’t steal, etc.”  The conscience is always telling you not to do wrong. It speaks in everyone, including thieves. If you do something bad and then blame it on someone else, that is the most poisonous thing.

                Meditation is very necessary. Some people did not read many books but struggled a lot, and they advanced [spiritually]. But from books, one may learn that God exists. If you read books, read those only that are visionary, with very high, enlightened thoughts.

                When a person does good work, it is God’s blessing. God gives very high ideas; otherwise, how can they come to you? A good idea, a good plan is God’s. All supply is His. It is very necessary to thank Him. Each breath He gives us is so precious, and He gives it for free.