December 6, 1996 – How to develop faith


                Sarah Scott, an American Christian doctor who has helped to develop Gobind Sadan USA, is here visiting. When she comes to Maharaj, he speaks to her about faith:

                Faith has two forms. One is when you focus on the messenger of God you most love, and wondrous things begin to happen in your life. The other happens when you are blessed to be in communion with God. A person so blessed will always have faith in God, whether things happen according to his plans or not.

                Your faith increases when things happen that are beyond your imagination. A blind man who came from a group of people who were enemies of Jesus nonetheless came to Jesus with love, and Jesus healed him. When he could see, he began shouting to tell everyone. He had never believed in Jesus, but a real thing had happened. When the public heard about this, they began to feel that God can give everything–there is no need for doctors, for this Doctor can do everything. He takes x-rays, gives light. It was not that the blind man had faith, but this happened.

                Sarah asks, “For people who have not had such a practical experience, how to develop faith?”

                Maharaj says,

                When you start living here in Gobind Sadan, every day you see things beyond your imagination. Then your faith starts developing. In seeing you a changed person–so happy, full of love, fearless–others ask “Why?” You say, “I am praying.” Slowly the weaknesses will go, and inner faith will increase.

                It is not that faith is built by seeing miracles.  It can come by inner transformation. Love, compassion, and willingness to serve develop inside. What causes that? What is faith actually? Blessing.

                We have so many examples. Miracles happened around Jesus daily. But there was a day when everyone’s faith was broken. That in itself is proof that seeing miracles does not build faith. Faith only develops by blessing.

                These things start developing above thought. You wonder where the change comes from. What is that Power that tells you to go and serve the lepers, the cripples–that gives you inner happiness in doing so? Another person doesn’t want to go near them. The one who helps doesn’t know himself why he is going there. If anyone asks him, he will just say, “I like it.”

                These are all inner things. When saints sit in meditation, day by day they see God’s powers and start telling others of them. It is not that the saint has faith, but that God is happy with him, and thus shows him things.

                Love is in the hands of God. God has no form. So how to develop faith? There are various prophets. Whomever you most love, focus on him. Even if you don’t have faith, concentrate on him. If faith were in our control, we would be like Jesus. Only when God chooses are we blessed with faith. But try to develop inner love and compassion. There is another Power which controls these qualities. There is a Controller who is running everything. Only the person who understands this can explain these feelings. Other people can only imagine them.

                There are two paths of religion. A mother who loses her child and says, “Jesus has taken it” is more religious than a person who goes to church. Such a person says, “If You take my house, still I am Yours. If I am sick, if I am happy, I am Yours.” Understand that God’s blessing is in seeing that all things happen with His blessing.

                You cannot measure love. The bigger the sacrifice, the more the love. The early Christians were crucified, thrown to lions; their houses were burned, their families were killed. But still they loved one God.

                Thus faith is different from what has been written in books. When they crucified Jesus, he asked for forgiveness and blessing for them. He knew it was by His Father’s will that they were crucifying him. They saw this proof of his love.

                In all love, difficulties come. You love a person. He will surely behave in a way that will hurt you. But if it’s true love, you should accept him in every way.

                Faith and love are inner things. But they are a matter of blessing–of God’s choice. If He wants, our faith develops and we become attracted toward Him.Whatever form of God you love, keep loving him. When he will start loving you, then things will happen.

                God’s Love is so great and humans’ love is so small. We should keep offering our little love, and one day we will become one with that ocean of Love. When it rains, a small drop of water falls into the ocean, and then you can’t recognize it as a drop.

                Jesus  blessed Peter. He said, “I will make you a rock of love.” The Master chose him to receive the greatest medal. But when Jesus tried to enter Peter’s boat, Peter tried to push him out. Taunting, he said, “Okay, you can sit in my boat and give messages to the fish.” He didn’t speak to him nicely or have respectful manners. But Jesus chose him to make him his greatest disciple. Now people say that Peter had great faith–rather, the Master was happy and blessed him. So please your master and some day he will bless you. He gives everything.

                When he chooses, he will bless you. Don’t do any business with God. He has given us everything. We can only offer Him His own Creation. If you love Jesus, try to bring him in your thoughts again and again. He will make you a student when he wants. Always have that Master in your mind. Then things will start happening around you. Keep walking in this direction, and you will not be disappointed.

                The path of love is most difficult. There is no rest. You are suffering 24 hours a day.  So you have to decide whether you want to choose this path. It is the path of Light where you achieve Light. But before that it’s suffering. Don’t think it is a simple school. Only those were thrown to the lions who said they were followers of Jesus. But they had love. When you have love, you don’t see these things as struggles.

                Waiting is a great thing. Keep waiting for that Love. There is a lot of frustration in that waiting. Kabir said, “I forgot God for a second, and I was so upset. I can’t imagine how people live without thinking of God.”

                Don’t be in a hurry. Keep walking on this path. If love were so easy, everyone would achieve it. People were beheaded, skinned alive, but they kept saying, “You are.” Don’t be afraid. Keep loving Him. But I am telling you it is a difficult path. He couldn’t have become Peter by sitting at home.

                The Master is full of love, but we have no love. We are always coming to him to bargain.

                Don’t despair of love, but don’t be in a hurry. Just as after a child is born, it takes many years to get to the point of getting a job.

                Love God. Keep on loving. He Himself draws us toward Himself.

                The hardest path is to serve the gurus, but it is full of happiness. Keep on reciting Nam and walk toward God in love. Slowly you will rise. Whenever you become tired, sit and rest but don’t turn back. Be clear what goal you want.

                He is so full of mercy. He never looks at our faults. But we have to knock at His door. Keep knocking. One day He will have to open it.

                Slowly, calmly stay on this path. If you start running you will get tired. If you sit you will never get there.  Choose a comfortable speed. In Him there is grace, love, faith. Keep slowly knocking at His door. One day He will give you everything. There is no hurry. He will bless you.