December 1, 1996 – Follow Guru Nanak’s hukam


                Bhai Mohan Singh is the well-known Chairman of Ranbaxy Laboratories (one of India’s top pharmaceutical firms) and is also Consulate General of San Marino in India. He loves Maharaj ji and has invited him to his lovely “bungalow” in the elite center of Delhi. He has invited his extended family and members of the Sikh gentry to meet Maharaj ji. Wasting no time in pleasantries, Maharaj immediately starts challenging their ways of being Sikh, but speaking in the third person, as if he were guilty of the same mistakes.

                Why don’t we get enlightened wisdom (gian)? If we have faith in the scriptures and in Nam, why do we get angry? Why are we greedy? Your ancestors all left without developing enlightened vision. We have not achieved gian because we have emphasized what the prophets never said. That error multiplies, and then there are clashes.

                If a person takes Guru Nanak’s name and makes rigid boundaries, that has nothing to do with Guru Nanak. Guru Nanak had no fortress–only that of loving all people, parents, elders, and neighbours, not hating anyone, forgiving and asking for forgiveness. The Guru said, “Na ko bairi, na he begana” — “No one is an enemy, no one is a stranger.” Who is our enemy? Who is a stranger?

                You may sit in samadhi as much as you like, but so long as your thoughts are not clean, there is no benefit. The Guru says, Man jitai, jag jit–“One who conquers his mind conquers the world.” If you recite Nam, your mind will be cleaned. Light will appear.

                 Jot raakhee, taan toon jag mainh aa-e-aa (“God put HIs Light in you, and then you came into this world”). It is essential to turn our attention inside, for He is sitting there.

                What is fear? Anger? Criticism? Worry? Instead, the Guru tried to create qualities of speaking sweetly. Discard all that garbage. If it gets into your machinery there will be an accident. When telling us not to commit violence, the Guru even said to beware of subconscious sin–achet pap.

                When a person recites Nam, his personal identity ends, and He takes care of everything. Instead, we worry about tomorrow.

                Why do we celebrate the prophets’ birthdays? We cannot say that God came to us then, but rather that He created a vehicle to speak to us, so that our hidden gian and compassion could come forth. Guru Nanak is spread everywhere, but he came in a form like us to sit with us, speak to us, teach us truth. Nevertheless, he is ever-living.

                Guru Nanak was opposed to criticism of others. We bow before him and yet we criticize and attack others.  

                That Light that Guru Nanak was talking about is also inside us. Guru Gobind Singh said “Tuhi, Tuhi, Tuhi” (“You, You, You”) 16,000 times while sitting in samadhi, because he saw Him, and He saw him.

                There was no sect in Guru Nanak’s programme. He said, “Mannai mag na challai panth” (One who has complete faith in God does not drift to narrow paths of sects and creeds).

                Take five or ten minutes every day to turn inside. He is sitting alone there. Go inside and talk with Him. He is sitting inside us. Seeing Him, the Light manifests. He is ever-living, wondering why we don’t talk with Him.

                Truly believe in Guru Nanak. Don’t get ensnared in Karam Khand. He won’t be happy if we do. If a child listens to his master’s words, he will pass. But we just listen to kirtan and go home. People call themselves Khalsa, but what is Khalsa? One who kills all five evils within himself.

                The greatest thing for us is that Guru Nanak is nonsectarian. With enlightened wisdom, with Inner Light, he spoke for the whole cosmos. But we don’t follow him. Instead we make a tight circle and break his orders. He will leave us if we keep this up.

                Guru Nanak told us that anger is bad. If we challenge the guru, how will we become enlightened? Study sweet speech, discard enmities, look inside. Say what he has said. Who is he? Formless, everywhere. But a person thinks that bowing is obeying his hukam. Thus there is a conflict between the guru and the pupil. The student says something other than what the guru said.

                When you go to a holy place, listen and change. Seeing you change, your children will change.

                With respect and love, I ask you not to waste your time. With studying, your whole life and character will change. The guru only said what is for our benefit. If he said “Speak truth,” do it. Get up early in the morning and recite God’s Name. If we obey our Father, He will be happy.

                People have all slipped off their base. All need to take blessings. We are all children of one God. These are tough words, but none of us are following the hukam. We are just eating the material prasad, but how to get the Guru’s prasad? Obey the orders from Guru Granth Sahib; leave criticism.

                Work hard and love Maharaj. If you sit idle, there is no benefit. Work with your hands and share with others. You have all been given love. We are all one family. We should help to remove others’ difficulties. Sit with them for ten minutes. Serve them. Love them. Have great compassion for each other. Then all will receive great blessings.

                I think you are all following and bowing before Guru Granth Sahib. But in it seats were all given to those who obeyed the hukam.

                What has been said today is taped inside you. Listen to it with love. He may be sitting there laughing. Whatever comes, say to Him, “I am not worthy of this.”

                May we all from today follow HIs hukam. May your whole houses be blessed. May Guru Nanak bless you all. He has such an ocean of enlightened wisdom.