December 8, 1996 – Sickness comes from worry

                Tomorrow is the celebration of the Prophet Muhammad’s Night Journey–his ascent to God, during which he met all the previous prophets. Maharaj is talking about it, saying, It  is everyone’s holy day, but who knows? Where the dervish is, all religions are mixed. Call God whatever you will.

                Maharaj also comments on the lack of spirituality in modern life:

                People’s lives are spent in getting educated, marrying, raising children, working in a job. Who has time and energy to move toward God? God is therefore free. People are so busy they don’t even have time to breathe. There is so much pressure, and no pleasure.

                Then a man comes in to request blessings for his sister who has cancer. Maharaj tells him,

                All sickness is created from worry. There is no illness which is not created from worry. Pressure is a slow poison. Some things arise and subside naturally. Doctors can do nothing about them.

                All natural things have gone; everything is artificial. That has a great effect on people. We need to regain our old lifeways for happiness. Now rich or poor, no one is happy. Money doesn’t bring happiness; it only brings pressure. May God bless people with happiness.

                Everyone is sick, pressured, worried. In such an atmosphere, a bad standard of life has been created. The true standard of a good life is willingness to serve, respect for others, and compassion. Leaving the good standard, people worry.

                That Power does its own work, like a farmer who cuts his crop when he chooses. There is no question of virtue or sin. Then the person takes a new form.

                If you read Jaap Sahib, your difficulties will move away.