December 14, 1996 – The value of old culture


                Udita Panconcelli, a German doctor, is very interested in interfaith harmony. She also loves spending time in the places of old Christian saints. On this visit to Gobind Sadan, she has brought her son, Paco, who is studying art history. Maharaj asks him,

                How do you study it? How can you find out whether the history is accurate or not?

                This is very necessary–to study the ancient culture of a country. These things should come to public knowledge. People have begun forgetting their own old culture.

                Perhaps in your studies you will find so many good things from the old culture–of perhaps 200 to 300 years before. Life then was simple and solid, and the ways of making art were amazing. But you will have to go into this subject very deeply.

                To do this, you need two things: God’s blessing and faith in yourself–faith in your goal and faith in your assessment. But always there is only one thing that will keep helping you: the Almighty. That will help keep your thoughts strong and your assessment clear, for these powers are only with God. He gives them only to those with loving mind. He demands love and a clear mind. In such minds, love, faith, and willingness to serve will develop automatically.

                To develop great ideas, you need friendship with One who is very great. He is great and also loving. He has no ego despite His greatness.

                So it’s good. Pray for His help. It is a good subject. We need this now. May God bless you, and give you good ideas. May you be successful in your field. If you keep loving God, you will achieve whatever you want.

                You and your mother have come with love. He must have blessed you. That is why you are here. He says that those with love, compassion, harmony, and desire to serve are always blessed.

                Always think that whatever comes is coming from God. Then your morning will be blessed, and your night also. May God bless you. He surely will, for He is full of love.