January 28, 1997 – Marriage is a commitment


                Maharaj ji is very disturbed about drug use among young people. He feels that broken marriages are partly to blame. He speaks about this issue in the mode of dictating a statement to be shared with many people:

                We are not taught that marriage is a religious commitment, or that a natural bond develops between the mother and child through mother’s milk.

                If the mother and father stay together, the child will not look for support in drugs. That is a poison that will affect the body. If the parents have a clash of ideas, they should make a sacrifice and stay together for the sake of their children. They should think, “Never mind if our ideas don’t agree,, that will have a bad effect on the children and none of us will have peace.” Thank God and ask Him to help remove these bad things from inside.

                At a bad time, think that it will pass away with God’s blessings. Worship Him. Don’t divorce. Delay breaking apart. Start this, and you will see the results. Work and also give time to your children and also give time to God. He has given you so much. Also give time to your love.

                Understand that if you don’t want your children to take drugs, pray and give them your love. Love is an intoxicant. You and your spouse have no peace; both of you are miserable. As soon as anger arises, there is a revolution in the home. Delay separating. Try to stay together.

                The old things in our culture have ended, and societies are not good. For instance, if the mothers nurse their children for 3 years, look how strong they will be. Now great sacrifices will be needed. There is a great need for God’s mercy to change everything. Everyone wants love.

                Maharaj pauses in his dictation to say, “If people read this again and again, perhaps it will have an effect on their heart.”

                Then he continues,

                There should be a commitment to God that the marriage cannot be broken. Even when there are clashes of thoughts, if that feeling of commitment is there the two will never separate. They will feel, “It is our commitment to God for the sake of the children. Otherwise, what will they do?”

                If anger is not controlled, the family will be broken. If anger is controlled, the children will not take drugs. First improve yourselves. The parents’ great duty is to control anger, character, and mind. It is a sacrifice on your part to control your thoughts, with the help of prayer and worship. Within you is the foolish thought of separating, but if you have compassion and love, these things will not pass through the gate. Then our homes and society will be strong.

                Now drugs and crime are prevalent. The majority of homes are broken. This is because minds are not controlled. God and children are forgotten. Take His Love, His feeling of service. His hands are open. Then your worry and fear will end, and in your homes there will be great happiness. This is not a theory; it is a practical thing.

                Remember the commitment you have made to each other. Don’t immediately take a decision to break the marriage. All religions say that marriage is joined by God. If you don’t believe in God, then believe in genes. Think of that commitment to each other–perhaps you have forgotten. If a criminal thought comes, out of anger, immediately think of God and perhaps it will leave. If you think of splitting, it is not just a matter of the two of you–it is a matter of the whole family.

                In this, who is the greatest culprit? The mother and father. They should be careful from before conception of a child. Once a child is conceived, love each other, pray to God, make good thoughts and good ideas in a loving mind. Then a very good baby will be born.

                All people, animals, trees–all Creation needs love. Create love in the family. Control your thoughts, your anger. When a mistake has come, cut it off and don’t let another arise.

                Mother and father are the first masters of a child. They both have a great duty. Look at animals, how they follow their mother, and how the mother takes care of them.

                To me, Maharaj says,

                Write this again and again. Children are not at fault. Parents have become Satanic.