January 25, 1997 – Boulders for Jesus


                Our masons are specialists in creating naturalistic settings with big stones, for they come from the mountainous jungles of Madhya Pradesh. We want to build a sort of mountain behind Jesus’ statue and place the original cross from Jesus’ Place on that little mountain. To do so, we need very large rocks–boulders if possible. The ridge beyond Jesus’ Place is all stone, part of the ancient Aravali Range, so I went up there to find some proper boulders for Jesus.

                I went to one of two very large rocks, a pair split from one huge boulder, and asked it if it would come to Jesus’ Place. It said, “No–leave me here. This is itself a holy place.” There were no signs of worship there, but with this great flat boulder upright and another stone slab flat on the ground before it, I could imagine that perhaps someone had used that as a place of worship eons ago.

                Then in the excitement of stone-moving, I forgot what that huge stone had said. When the masons tried to bring it over with a crane, the axle broke. For hours, work stopped, with the great rock stranded on the plain. Then I remembered that the stone had asked not to be moved, so I told the head mason. Understanding about stones, he said, “Why didn’t you tell me before?” At last they finally managed to fix the crane and bring the stone down to Jesus’ Place and carefully swing it into place.

                Then I went to Maharaj and asked him if we should attempt to bring the stone’s mate, since we had such trouble bringing the first one. He said, “If you take Jesus with you and ask in Jesus’ name, the second stone will come willingly, with no trouble.”

                Today the crane is here again. Before it came, I came first to Jesus’ Place, told the first stone that its partner is coming today, and requested Jesus to come along with me, as Maharaj had instructed. Then I had a dilemma–I knew where the stone was, so I was leading the way, but how could I go ahead of Jesus? Fortunately, he seemed to be in a very light mood, so we skipped and danced side beside across the plain. But then when I reached the great stone and stood before it to pray, Jesus had disappeared. I looked around in vision and couldn’t see him anywhere. All I saw was Maharaj, Maharaj, glowing inside me. Where had Jesus gone? I could only conclude that Jesus and Maharaj are the same One.

                The second stone–even bigger than the first one–came across the plain very easily to Jesus’ Place, just as Maharaj had said.