January 31, 1997 – Struggles are beneficial


                Diana, a psychotherapist from Australia, has come to see Maharaj ji. He tells her some important things about accepting and even appreciating the difficulties in our lives.

                Faith is so great. God’s work is to be victorious. Self-interest arises in everyone: “How can this benefit me?” There are very few people who think, “May others not lose.” 

                If you worship, perhaps compassion will arise in your heart and you will always be concerned lest someone else should suffer loss.

                Difficulty is also enlightenment. The Guru said, “Pain is the medicine, happiness is the disease.” Comfort leads to a wrong path and losses everywhere. When we do a bad action, the conscience within us raises an alarm. When the conscience is dead, the alarm no longer  rings. Then there is no cure–it has died.

                Whenever a prophet comes, he teaches us to think of others.

                Don’t worry. We are all travelling. Sometimes the journey is hard. We are travelling morning to night, in thought as well as in actions. If a person is alone in this journey, he becomes tired.

                If something bad happens, there may be some hidden benefit for us in it. Perhaps those difficulties are to make you stronger. Don’t be afraid. Struggle is a great thing. Gold is of no value until it is melted in the fire. Its personality is annihilated; it becomes like water.

                When difficulties come, our inner radiance shines. To understand that struggles are beneficial is very enlightened wisdom. God is so merciful, removing ignorance and bringing enlightenment.

                When a child is brought to you, you try to read his mind. Why is a person angry? Why does he take drugs? There is some reason in the background. Whatever manifests has something behind it. If you find that root, he is cured. Ask what is behind that disease. Then say, “Forget it. We will go ahead.”

                Dharma teaches this also. Its great virtue is that it changes a person’s ideas and nature. Worry ceases. Inner detoxification happens. Dharma teaches you to take hold of good things, and automatically bad things drop away.

                If you give your time to a person, gradually his worry disappears, his fear recedes. If you travel with him a bit, you will begin to understand what pleases him and what makes him nervous. This is also a great  sacrifice: to give someone time. With that, love and dharma increase. With goodness, a person  is healed. Sharing your good qualities is like sharing food with one who has no flour.

                If you don’t agree with someone, what does it matter? Don’t criticize. Good things spread with time and blessings.

                Now children have no support. They take drugs because their parents don’t give them any time. “Family” means talking with a number of people. Thus you feel peaceful. But you need a good “computer.” If it is not clean, if it is hazy, you will infect others with that virus.

                Your profession is good, but 24 hours a day, try to keep your mind clear, for your message will heal people with the truth deep inside yourself. The cure will be very quick, if you always keep God in mind.