August 3, 1996 – Never despair of His Rehmat

Bashir Ahmad Baba, the lineage holder of the shrine of an Islamic pir in Kashmir, has come for Maharaj’s blessings and guidance. He tells us that he has been doing seva of the pir for 20 years and never got illumined, but by coming to Maharaj his eyes have been opened. He saw Maharaj at a famous mosque in Kashmir on Prophet Muhammad’s birthday (although Maharaj ji was physically here at the time). Maharaj says to him,
The door of His blessings is never closed. Never despair of His mercy. His Rehmat (mercy) is very powerful. God chooses and enlightens whom He will. Look at the Warsis (lineage holders of Deva Sharif near Lucknow, the tomb of the great saint Syed Waris Ali Shah). They did seva of that pir, but it was Maharaj who appeared in Medina to cure their daughter. It is all His drama. He supplies me with His Words 24 hours a day to keep sharing with the people.
God is so powerful, Self-created. Whatever He wills, happens. Look: He went to this great famous tomb and created His own drama.
Then Maharaj tells the story of the “9-yard Pir” whose tomb is next to the highway leading to Punjab. The pir, Sayed Ibrahim, told his devotees that a bridge being built by the government on the highway could not be constructed until they first built his tomb. The bridge under construction kept falling down and the bridge-building machinery kept breaking until his tomb was completed. After the pir’s passing, Giani ji and Bakshish were driving from Chandigarh. When they crossed that place, their windshield shattered. They stopped the car to see what had happened. Someone told Giani ji that there is a pir’s place near that small bridge. Giani ji did Ardas, and Pir Sahib said to request Maharaj to come and visit his place. Giani came and told Maharaj ji. Maharaj said, “Okay, we will go.” The time was fixed. When everything was ready, Maharaj asked Giani ji to do Ardas. Pir Sahib immediately appeared in vision and said, “Don’t give Babaji such trouble. Ask him to send his photo.” Giani ji took a photo of Maharaj and it was hung in a prominent place in the tomb. Bakshish tells us that all the people who visit the tomb bow before Maharaj’s photo. They think he is the pir who is buried there.
Maharaj continues,
These pirs are so powerful. He does His own work. What can a person do? They asked the Prophet Muhammad why there were so many quarrels around him. He said those people couldn’t see his Rehmat—only his body. Jesus’s whole coming was written beforehand in the Torah. But they mocked him, saying, “He is only the son of Mary.” But Jesus foretold that his message would go to the whole world. It is not a matter for blame. Only those to whom God gives enlightened vision can understand.
A dervish is so powerful. One sat near a tomb and it fell over because those people were all sinners.
God has His own methods. Only those whom He wants can celebrate Prophet Muhammad’s birthday. The great mistake in all countries is that people praise their own guru but criticize the others. It is not a race. Dharma is all one. If you get aside, Dharma will spread to the whole world, without expensive seminars. They are having a drama with different tunes for each religion. They are talking interfaith but it is all talk in the air, nothing practical on the ground.
People wonder, “How can it be? Prophet Muhammad is ours.” Rigid people never get enlightenment. Muslims are amazed to see so much of the Holy Quran in Jaap Sahib, but Guru Gobind Singh didn’t read the Quran first. Jaap Sahib was written through vision. The dervish comes and then the people remember the Dharma, for he speaks to them in their mother tongue