January 22, 1997 – Saving a marriage


                When marriages fall apart, Maharaj is most concerned about the effect on the children. Today a letter has come from a follower whose wife and child are living separately from him, far away. The writer doesn’t tell what caused the split, but probably Maharaj knows. He dictates letters to be sent to both partners–first the husband and then the wife. Here is what he tells the husband:

                Your mind is very powerful. After your praying, worshipping, and reading scripture, power comes into your thoughts. I think you are also very intelligent and loving. But it is a sure thing that you are also not a rigid person. You are a forgiving person.

                Consider your child and wife. Perhaps that child misses you very much. Again and again, your image and your love are in his mind. Perhaps he asks his mother, “Why doesn’t my father meet me?”

                God teaches us that God forgives us, and we should forgive each other. I know that you had difficulties. But your wife loves you very much. If she has spoken in anger it is because she wants that you should always be together. Perhaps she feels, “Why can’t he be attached to us?”

                I feel that both of you, for the sake of the child, should sort this out and then get together. Your child loves you very much.

                My firm feeling is that your wife feels that speaking in anger brings no happiness. When a person is daily angry, you are not happy. For you it is very necessary to be happy, with a clear mind, so that you can be successful in your work.

                A person who forgives mistakes is a great person. God is the most loving and forgiving, for He is always forgiving our mistakes. We can’t take God’s place, but as people we can think that not forgiving is not   good for your mental or worldly progress. Don’t keep anger in your mind. Both of you should think how to make your child happy. I think he will only be happy when he sees you two together, laughing and forgiving each other. This would be a great gift for your child. If you can give it, do so. One thing is to say, “I forgive you.” Beyond that is to say it and then forget.

                What I say to you, I say with love, understanding you as a child,, a good friend, a person with good thoughts. I send you this message with great love. I have firm faith that you will take it to heart. You have great love for society, but also for your son and your wife, who loves you. Understand that if you rejoin your wife, God will automatically bless you.

                I am sending you love and blessings, that you may progress in your work and in your home, and succeed in giving love to your child.

                The Maharaj dictates a letter to be sent to the wife:

                May God grant love to you and your son, and also bless your husband. It is for this reason that God has sent the message through prophets to control your thoughts, because whenever people fight, it remains in their thoughts.

                Daughter, you are very capable and loving. Sometimes something comes to your tongue which you do not intend to say, but never to the extent that you and your husband should be so far separated. Never mind; love God. Even now God can improve this situation. From inside, forgive each other. Sometimes in love, something comes from the tongue that gives a bad color to things, something which provokes anger. He also sometimes speaks like that. But forget those old things. Both of you make this sacrifice for the sake of the child. Think of his innocence and love. Perhaps there is still something inside, but even so get together for the child’s sake. Understand that God is the great Clearer of the way, the great Uniter. If you take His forgiveness and forgive each other, it can happen.

                Sit with love and think about this. We will pray to God that where love has been separated, it will be reunited.

                May God bless you. Give my love and blessing to your child, that he may be happy, study well, and be well settled in life. If God chooses, and if your husband chooses, he will come. He is also very attracted to your son. He is not very happy. Read scripture and take blessings. May that Power which puts happiness in the whole creation bless you.