January 22, 1997 – The spirit takes rebirth


                Sometimes Maharaj ji tells us what he has seen in vision. Today he shares a very special vision with us: what happens to the soul after death. Here’s what he saw:

                A tiny wire-like light leaves the body at death and goes directly to the body of the mother and father. It is so small and fine that you can’t see it. It goes into the blood and mixes with that. Nothing is smaller than this tiny light, and it has no weight. The place where it goes is already chosen. At birth the karmas come and attach to the body.

                In some souls, this spirit is fresh, unstained, with no blot, no karma. This occurs  in those people who recite Nam, who meditate–who are very clean.

                Sometimes this journey of birth and death ends. The person merges directly with the Light. The spirit does not go into any parents.

                In the case of twins, one spirit waits until the other comes, according to karma.

                The most powerful influence is Nazar (the Guru’s merciful gaze). It is so powerful that it can clear karma so that the soul doesn’t take rebirth.

                Angels are different. They are God’s army, messengers, suppliers. They have no connection with those spirits that take birth. They have fixed positions. An angel cannot become a prophet. But with meditation and Nazar, the spiritual position of a person can change, and the person can rise up and up. By contrast, angels are in a fixed position. Over There, no one troubles them–there is only peace.

                Demons commit crimes 24 hours a day. They are very healthy and can make trouble, but they have no enlightened wisdom.

                Then Maharaj begins speaking about what happens in the case of those whom God sends as messengers:  

                The spirit has to come in a body in order to speak and work, but Brahm (God) works in that body. There is Someone Above me who gives all the orders. The One who creates the whole cosmos can speak to you. He creates the body and then says, “Why don’t you go to that mirat lok? (world of illusion).” There is a special relationship between that person and the Creator. But if the person becomes proud and in the midst of difficulties thinks, ‘I am doing,’ then God gets aside. But He definitely exists.

                Ego and Nam (continual remembrance of God) cannot coexist. The Guru sang, “Oh my mind, always remain with God.” How to get rid of the demons? Always stay with God. When a person passes slightly away from God, then he begins worrying and fearing. “Jo tis pavay, tun sada salamat Nirankar (I bow to You who never dies or takes birth–Who is ever-living, eternal.)”

                Maharaj tells us more about this special subject, but unfortunately I haven’t been able to catch it all. But to underscore its importance, he says, All this can be written in a book.