January 20, 1997: Don’t forget your culture


                Architect R. S. Sodhi and his wife Renu and the Jollys (Delhi Development Authority Commissioner U. S. Jolly and his wife Surjit Kaur Jolly, noted Sikh historian and Principal of Shama Mukerjee Prasad College of Delhi University) are here for Maharaj’s darshan. The Jollys have brought their older daughter, Sonali, who is studying in the United States. Sonali is a poet who reads her lovely praises of Maharaj at the beginning of their audience. Maharaj especially addresses his remarks to her:

                Nothing is in people’s hands. Wait for that time when all will change. Until then, people cannot do anything. But at that time, people will become good. Until then, always stay beneath His Nazar (Merciful Gaze).

                Make your goal and go straight ahead, neither criticizing nor praising others, with neither enmity nor friendship. One person does bad things so people think Sikhs are bad, but perhaps he is not a true Sikh.

                Wherever Jaap Sahib or the teaching of Guru Gobind Singh goes, the Guru is there. We are very happy that officers take Jaap Sahib, for their karma will change and the Guru’s Nazar will fall on them.

                Religious management has diminished rather than spread Guru Gobind Singh’s message. He spoke of God as Razak Raheem (Merciful Provider of Sustenance) . He wrote Chandi di War about the time when the demons had overrun the world. He did not make any boundaries.  He said “God is everywhere–in the water, in the earth, (“Jali Hari, Thale Hari”) . Once he said, “Tuhi, Tuhi” ( It is all You) continuously for four and a half hours.

                Criticizing, attacking others, seeing their faults are the worst errors. Look instead at your own faults, for they are in us all. Try to stop your own evils. The Ninth Guru said to beware even of your subconscious sins (Achet pap).

                Enlightenment and God are inside us. Whatever exists outside can also be seen inside. Krishna said, “See the whole cosmos within me.” When Bhagat Nam Dev sat in samadhi, he said, “Sab Gobind hai” (All is God). There is no place without God.

                When a person starts developing faith in God, reading Jaap Sahib, understand him as very lucky, blessed by God. That is up to God.

                When you go to work, you are always on the defense, always struggling. So first get up early in the morning and make Him your Friend. Then He will take care of you all day.

                First clean the mind by meditation. If your mind is clean, enlightenment will come. Be ready–Why won’t He come? He is present everywhere 24 hours a day.

                Never hold enmity toward anyone. God is enlightened Wisdom, Light, Love. If we ask Him to punish others, He will never be happy. But if we ask Him to bless them, His Light, His happiness will be there. Ask, “Bless us all–give us all enlightenment.” That person becomes dharmic upon whom His Nazar falls. Stay happy!

                The person won’t forget what her mother has taught her from childhood. Don’t discard your culture, your language, your religion. So many people forget these and want to adopt a new culture, but don’t become so advanced that you forget your culture. It’s fine for everyone to speak one language–English. Their culture has been widely adopted. Now we eat cake and say “Happy New Year.” But in matters such as loving service to parents and the method of marriage, your culture is the greatest in the world.