January 18, 1997: The Light will do His work


                Maharaj is speaking informally to a few people in his inner circle, as he often does. He has been talking about major subjects that should be included in university curricula: 1) full training in dharma–what it is, and how is it expressed in each religion, and 2) study of culture: what is the effect of each thing in each culture? What is to be maintained in each culture and what should be discarded? Maharaj suggests that the importance of cultural pride and how it affects religion should be clarified. He also says that it is very necessary to write about how boundaries developed in each religion.

                After these very perceptive suggestions–coming from one who is illiterate in the worldly sense–Maharaj observes,

                There is no place or person in whom the One whom we call God is not. It is His choice what work to do through what person. Make your mind like this, and then you will not feel any pressure.

                Some thoughts arise which do not come from the person’s mind. Vir Bahadur has faith in the power of Jaap Sahib, but it was that Power who put the thought in his mind to establish a holiday for Guru Gobind Singh’s birthday. His feeling was, “What will please Babaji?”

                The lover wonders how to please the Beloved, who then will do everything. Words of scripture were made to please Him, and so is dancing.

                Jaap Sahib has not been published much yet. Publishing it is not a matter of satisfying Guru Gobind Singh’s ego. He is very powerful. He can be seen everywhere. But it will please him if all boundaries are broken.

                When you praise your guru, his full light is upon you, and you have no fear.

                The Light will do His work. It is no ordinary thing. Have faith in Him and He will do everything. Everything is under His hukam.

                Picking up the idea of pleasing his guru, LL suggests that there should be a public holiday set for Maharaj ji’s birthday. Maharaj answers in a different vein:

                Whenever the blessing comes in a person, it is difficult for the people around him to believe. Villagers around Jesus did not recognize him as a prophet; they knew him as Mary’s son.  Some of the Prophet Muhammad’s clan opposed him, but later he ordered that the best horses be given to those who had earlier stoned him.

                Then Sarah, the doctor from New York State, comes in, and Maharaj blesses her to work in the mission:

                May God give truth to your pen and love to your mind. You are blessed to write from the heart. What you write with love will have a loving effect on people. Now it is very necessary, for peace, love, faith, seva, and truth are needed in the whole world. People are ready to receive these good things. The greatest seva is to give God’s message of love truly. Don’t write what you don’t believe. Write what your heart believes and it will have an effect. Now the whole cosmos is longing for love.