January 17, 1997 – Time for dancing


                Mr. Vidiarthy, Chief Secretary to Vir Bahadur, Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh and a great admirer of Maharaj ji, has come. Maharaj speaks to him about the story of Durga Mata’s victory over the demons, emphasizing that bad people will never triumph over the good. He continues along those lines:

                Vir Bahadur came here like a child. He will always be blessed. Those with faith will always be victorious.

                The place (in Himachal Pradesh) where Baba Siri Chand did tapasya is so blessed that there is healing in that very air. If you read scripture there, it will quickly be caught by the air.

                Faith and truth will always triumph. Mischievous people will never triumph in the end. In their seeming victory, there is loss for themselves and for the state.

                If a person is happy, he will make friends of enemies by his gaze, by God’s great Nazar (Merciful Gaze). Under that Nazar, everything parts to clear the way. And if he looks at a person, he is blessed.

                When a person’s mind is clear, God’s light is circulating there 24 hours a day. Thoughts develop within the mind. If they are clean, they are for the benefit of humanity. We get up in the morning and clean ourselves and our house. We should do the same for our mind.

                God made us free, and sent us to work. He gave us the chance to see how much love and faith we have. Faith and obedience will always be rewarded.

                 Mr. Vidiarthy praises Maharaj, who tells him, “Go with love.”  Before he leaves, Maharaj kindly inquires about his daughter. Mr. Vidiarthy says she is reading Jaap Sahib every day. Maharaj affirms that she is very blessed.

                After he leaves, LL (Harvinder Singh) reports that Vir Bahadur has ordered a state holiday for Guru Gobind Singh’s birthday. He says that this is a great miracle, for people in that area had previously been very opposed to Sikhs. Maharaj then lovingly reminisces about our celebration of Guru Gobind Singh’s birthday, which concluded two days ago. In the afternoon Maharaj had given a great talk about taking blessings by meditating, whether you feel like it or not. Qawwals had sung and old Jagat Singh had recited a wonderful original poem in praise of Maharaj. Hirpal Singh and the sangat from Gobind Sadan and Gurdaspur sang and danced for hours. Mata Joginder Kaur danced and danced, out of her senses.  Maharaj suggested to the sangat that they should go down to the dera for tea since it might get cold, but they kept on celebrating happily up till 7:15 p.m. Maharaj’s hillside garden was decorated with strings of colored lights–on his house, on the trees, on the waterfall, everywhere. Maharaj says,

                Mehar (blessing) was falling like rain with this singing and dancing by the Gurdaspur sangat. What is a birthday? Happiness. If we look at the background of Gurbani (Sikh scripture), it came from vairag (loving total attachment to God and detachment from worldly things). Those are words of love. There is no point in boring programmes for birthdays. It is time for dancing. When happiness comes, God is there. Even the flowers were happy. There were no important people. All were sevadars, looking at God. It was not a tea party. All were given great boons.

                Maharaj then quotes an original phrase he often sings:

                 “Karo jatan jeh hovai meharwan” (Make efforts if He blesses you).  All qualities are in Guru Gobind Singh. He is happy with dancing, not with criticism. He was not at all rigid.

                After some discussion of opposition to Baba Siri Chand, which Maharaj ji is always trying to correct with emphasis on the historical facts, Maharaj concludes,

                The time for everything has come. Perhaps this is why Guru Gobind Singh created Gobind Sadan.