January 22, 1997 – How to stay fresh?


                These days Maharaj is seeing almost no one except a few of us. Rather than giving private talks to people who come for blessings, he instead is having me tape record statements he makes to share with the world. Today he gives a powerful statement about child neglect and abuse for the Child Abuse Prevention Council in Orange County, California.* But before that he is musing about the importance of a natural environment. This has come up with reference to the mountain of boulders being created by our workers at the place where he saw Jesus in vision. Appreciating its natural effect, he says,

                Everything travels through the environment in waves. When a natural thing is powerful, it passes into your mind. The vibrations received by a person all pass into his habits and actions.

                Two things have a great effect on a person: his thoughts and his environment. If the environment and one’s friends and lifestyle are clean, the person is fresh. If nothing is clean, then how to be fresh? In a family, the person is given lots of advice on what to do. A bad circle of friends also has its effect. There is self-interest in everything, including friendship and even worship. If clothes are worn constantly, they will be dirty by evening. Thus the mind gets very dirty, listening to all these things.

                Oh Maharaj, please be gracious. People have lost control over their minds. They will do anything for the sake of enjoyment. If their enjoyment is gone, what can money do? Money is for us to use for necessary things such as food and house and shoes. Beyond that, we have habits such as using a pillow and wanting tasty dal.

                In Gurbani, it is written, “You will give my sustenance. It is Your responsibility. If you don’t give it, who will?” What an innocent, powerful statement: Whatever we want will be given. But these days people have no faith.


*See News from Gobind Sadan, February 1997, p. 2