January 23, 1997 – The real roza


                Maharaj is still in a mood to dictate statements for sharing with the world, rather than answering people’s small problems. Today he calls me to record and begins with a statement about roza (fasting, in Islam). He dictates it like a press statement:

                Babaji was asked what is the meaning of Roza. He said it has a great meaning: controlling one’s desires. The change that comes in the month of Ramadan depends on this inner roza, not on abstaining from two meals.

                He said, “Roza means always listening to Allah. All the senses are closed toward bad actions. After controlling all these things, it is called roza. It means controlling everything about the mouth, ears, mind, and feet, turning all toward Allah and the Nabi (Prophet). If all are not controlled, it is not roza.  Ramadan is an important month for controlling your desires and turning all toward Allah.

                The meaning of roza begins with this: seeing Allah in everything, listening to Allah, doing Namaz. Then one can say, “My roza is complete.” Roza means that the Grace has come. Food is a different matter. These things are even more important than food.

                It is a matter of vision, created very purely by the Nabi on Allah’s instructions. If you just refrain from food for a few hours, that is not the order of Allah.

                After dictating this statement, Maharaj ji tells us to send it to all great Muslim places, including Mecca, Medina, and Ajmer Sharif.