January 23, 1997 – The subtle Power manifests


                After dictating a statement about roza for Ramadan, Maharaj ji began dictating a statement about his vision of Jesus at what is now called Jesus’ Place. He begins speaking of himself in the third person:

                Babaji wasn’t thinking about Jesus. Jesus just suddenly appeared, for 1 1/4 hours, with his blessing echoing throughout the cosmos. Babaji said, “Since childhood, I have believed what I have heard and seen myself, practical things. Faith is different. These things actually manifested. I saw Jesus wearing a robe with open sleeves, and then we had robes made for him like that. Now at that place, the feeling of healing comes to those who are loving.”

                One day there was the question of Guru Gobind Singh. Jesus said, “Guru Gobind Singh came from the same Light as me. It is his Father and mine, too. We have the same father.” Gobind Sadan is not a name–it is a matter of Light. All the prophets are there.

                These are very amazing things above a person’s brain. This feeling came to me: The Messiah never went to a very famous place. Where there is Nur (the Light of God), not everyone can see it–only one in whom enlightened wisdom has come.

                We don’t celebrate the holy days of all religions from listening to books. There are two ways of celebrating: gathering in remembrance, and speaking and listening.

                 If we say we are celebrating because God came when the prophet came, that is a mistake. HIs virtues manifested through persons. But He has existed before Adam. On that holy day, the subtle Power spoke from a human form about karma and lifestyle. We are grateful that You came in human form–but it is that inner Power that is very great. If we practice what You say, our karma changes. God previously existed, but by seeing healings and such happening through this person, people know that God exists. We can’t even say when God first came–God is beginningless, when there was nothing.

                 The birthday of a prophet is not a worldly  holiday. God came in the form of a baby and changed people’s lives and character as the inner Power manifested. God spoke and worked through that one. Even what the prophet thinks is also God’s thought. We can then see what God is.

                The mind always slips. The speed of thought is very fast. Prophets taught us how to make it stable. Meeting God’s person, thoughts change.

                On that holy day, the hidden Power appeared and began to speak. “Aapay sukham, aapay asthula” (He is subtle, and He is also manifest). The prophet brings the message that God is in everything, but we can’t see it. Stones, trees, and earth all speak to one who has gian (enlightened wisdom).

                Then Maharaj begins dictating more in my voice:

                So I took my shawl up there (to the place where Jesus appeared to Maharaj and there is now a statue of Jesus) to keep him warm, but then I worried that he might get wet when it rains, so I brought a raincoat from Maharaj ji. But then Jesus said he only needed a raincoat when it rained.

                In Darbar Sahib, we give Guru Granth Sahib bedding, cloths, and pillows. God is in that place, too.

                Jesus is both subtle and manifest. The healing rays come out (from the statue at Jesus Place), and he speaks to those who love. If he doesn’t speak, where will healing come from? We stand before him and ask him to heal. Why do we especially stand before this statue?  Because God gives Light there.

                We didn’t make that place to please Christians. People with faith will never be surprised, for that Power exists everywhere. Why else do we bow before Guru Granth Sahib? Because God heals there. These things are always living. There is nothing surprising.

                Then Maharaj says to me,

                Ask Jesus, “Give me the arrows that will touch the world. It is Your idea. What can I do? I’m just a person.” Perhaps the time has come.

                Many people will come wanting the statue to talk to them. They must have an open mind.