January 29, 1993 – “God is always with me”

Maharaj returned to Gobind Sadan from his big farm in Garhmukhteshwar, UP on this night, but his presence in Gobind Sadan was exceptionally strong all day. When he called me into Gurcharan’s phone room, I could not take my eyes off him. His radiance was now unmistakable, and he was inutterably beautiful, full of great joy. He spoke with total confidence that God’s time had come.

Maharaj in Gurcharan’s phone room
Maharaj in Gurcharan’s phone room

Gurcharan’s room is small. There must have been only a few of us sitting around him as he spoke, including Harvinder Singh, Giani Ji, me, and probably Gurcharan. He advised us,

You keep on developing your circle of friends and relatives, but sooner or later they will not welcome you. They will say, “Babaji, you stay home. I have to go to the office.” But God does not leave you alone. He sleeps with me, eats with me, sits with me. Then the longing for Him grows, because God never says “I have to go somewhere and you stay here alone.” Mother can say this, brother can say this, father can say this, but He never says this. He sits comfortably with me. He does not look at His watch. Who else can give this much love other than God? Then why shouldn’t we love Him?

Until you get rid of your ego, you will not be enlightened. If someone praises you and another criticizes you, you should think, “God is in your criticism, and God is in your praise, but I am detached from both of these. What do I have to do with them?” Then the true enlightenment will come. God comes near you and says, “Your ego is out; now I will come inside.”

We light candles, incense and divas outside, but you should clean your inner self. Light the diva inside. Clean your inner self where He has to come; it is so dirty now. We have thoughts like, “I will kill you; why did you criticize me?” There is a jungle inside. First remove this jungle.

One day Jesus was saying, “I am very surprised today. You say, ‘He is mine, so bless him.’ Then what is the difference between you and a thief? Thieves also come and say, ‘Master, bless him, he is my friend.’ Dacoits also come and say, ‘Master, bless him, he is my friend.’” Jesus said, “I am surprised that good people also come and say the same. I am waiting for those people who will come and say,’ Bless thieves, dacoits, and also cheaters.’ I have decided today that there is no difference between thieves and you. Everybody has made their own parties: ‘This is my servant, this is my friend, this is my child. Bless him.’ You never think about asking for blessings for others also. There is no difference between you and a Manmukh [one who follows his own mind rather than God’s guidance]. He also comes and seeks blessings for himself only. It is the duty of a good person to ask for the wellbeing of everybody. Then my Father in heaven laughs—‘He is a real man.’ It is very difficult to become this kind of person.” God says this softly.

Jesus says, “You keep on shouting, ‘Hey Lord, Hey Lord!’ in your homes and in stadiums. But you do not obey anything I have said. Those who obey the hukam will be strong like a rock. It is like building your house on rock. It will not be affected by rain or storm. But those who do not obey the orders will be weak like sand. It is like building your house on soil. If water comes, the whole building will fall down.”

God is right. It is all about the foundation. If the foundation is weak, the building will fall. One who obeys hukam would not be shattered by an earthquake.

Jesus says, “When you come to me and others create obstacles, you will be blessed. One who brings peace to both opposing parties will be blessed. One who converts the bad into good will be blessed. One who thanks me despite having hunger and problems will be blessed.”

One day somebody came to Lord Jesus and said, “I have a good income and I want to construct a warehouse.” Jesus closed his eyes and then said, “Your upper warehouse is empty; what are you going to do here? I have gone up to see your warehouse—You have not done anything there. In my Father’s house, your warehouse is empty. Do not save much here. You never recited Nam, never prayed, and yet you are asking me, ’Where shall I construct my warehouse?’ What will you do with the worldly material here? The upper warehouse is empty, and you have to stay there.”

Then Jesus said, “One who comes and meets me, one who listens to my speech, one who feels my love and shares them with others—my Father becomes very happy with him. He will have a place in my Father’s house. Those who hide my words and say they do not know Jesus may not be able to go to my Father’s house. They are afraid to talk about Jesus because they do not want to make enemies.” Then Jesus laughed and said, “Today I decided that if somebody will say, ‘I do not know Jesus,’ when he comes to my Father’s house I will be sitting on the right side of my Father. My Father will ask me, ‘Do you know this person?’ I will deny knowing him. Now it is up to you to decide.”

That is why people used to ask, “Is Jesus an officer? He talks like an officer. Only officers use such words—‘I have decided this or decided that.’ We also talk the same way, but we do not become Jesus.” Everybody was after Jesus and asked him, “Who gave you the authority?” Jesus said, “First you tell me who has given authority to John [the Baptist]? Answer my question. If you will not answer my question I will not answer yours.”

Maharaj then spoke about how Christians sing for days and call to Jesus on television also—“Jesus! Bring love! Lord! Bring love!” Maharaj said,

They have very good methods. They call, “Lord, give us happiness. Give us love. Lord! Lord! Lord!”

Once I was saying innocently, “ God does not give enlightenment to philosophers because He knows that philosophers read a lot of books and they will trouble Me. God thinks that one who is not educated is better than a philosopher because he has not read or written anything. He will obey whatever I say.” One person got up and asked, “What about the educated people?” I said, “I am talking about the Messengers of God.” That man again raised the question, “That means an educated person can never become a prophet?” I replied, “Even learned people are also blessed and can attain enlightenment.”

Ending this intimate conversation, Maharaj laughed and said,

God will have a meeting on this issue: whether He will choose the educated people or not.