8 June 11 p.m 1994 – “Rain” on our tractors


                I was trying to sleep, unsuccessfully, because the heat had turned even my bed into an oven with no cool spots. Cooling monsoon rains are weeks away. The phone came from Balwant Singh to come take photographs of something. Clothes changed back into more decent clothing than my oldest cotton suit, I wandered forth and discovered three huge new blue and white Ford tractors drawn up at attention on Maharaj’s lawn in front of Dubai Kothi, to be blessed and then sent on to Shiv Sadan.

Giani Ji was called to do the Ardas. Just before he started , a very light rain—just a few drops here and there—began. The sprinkle continued very lightly as he was saying the prayer and then as Maharaj came out to sprinkle water himself on the tractors. As soon as Maharaj went into his kothi, the “rain” stopped.

Here in this very hot and usually dry area, cooling rain is considered very auspicious. If it rains as  one begins a journey, it is a happy sign of good fortune. Thus we understand that Someone whom we can’t see has blessed the tractors.