April 24, 1993 – Serving the People


                Tomasz Gerlach, the Polish Consular to India, and his wife have come to Shiv Sadan to see the practical work that Maharaj Ji is doing. After touring the farm, they find Maharaj and are fortunate to have a long talk with him. First the Consular expresses his appreciation for all that he has seen, and then his wife begins asking questions. Dr. Surjit Kaur Jolly and Mrs. Raj Wadhwa, both college principals, are here from Delhi, and they help to translate. As birds chirp heartily, Maharaj Ji explains how it was in the beginning when he started to develop the land:

The place where you are sitting was all marshes. Boats were needed to travel  through the marshes, and the rest was an alkaline wasteland. The government never gave any assistance in developing it. In this area, because of the deep poverty, if someone even put on nice clothes or rode on a horse, it was stolen. Now those same families are working here. At first the people of the area didn’t understand why we were coming here. I used to tell them, “We are working for you, so that your lives will improve.” They couldn’t believe it. But gradually they saw that they were being fed, and then began to come with love.

It is every person’s duty to love God, and to spare some time for serving others. If you are working hard to serve others, your body adjusts to any circumstances. Even if the heat is like an oven, if you are absorbed in seva, your mind is occupied. It doesn’t have time to think whether it’s hot or cold.

Jesus didn’t tell people to build big buildings. He said, “The foxes and the birds have their homes. As for me, God has given us all this earth as our home with the sky as the roof.” Jesus is happy only with those people who love and serve.