Shibi’s Sacrifice


Actors: Actors, hawk, dove, attendant holding scales

Props: Knife, 2 steel plates as scales, robes for Indra and Agni

Narrator: Once there was a great king named Shibi. He was very generous and kind. One day a hawk... Read more

The Story Of Easter

Characters: Jesus, soldiers, Joseph of Arimathea, Mary Magdalene, other women, male disciples

Props: Sheet

Narrator: When Jesus was only 33 years old, he was tortured to death by the religious and political leaders who were opposed to him. They had... Read more

Guru Nanak’s Childhood Meditations

Actors: Nanak, his mother, his father Mehta Kalu, Rai Bullar, Hardyal pandit, relatives, cows, farmer, Hindu and Muslim ascetics

Props: strings for sacred thread, “trees”

Places: Home, temple for thread ceremony, forest, grazing fields

Narrator: When Nanak, who later became... Read more

Guru Nanak’s Good Bargain

Actors: Guru Nanak, his father Mehta Kalu, his mother, doctor, wife Sulakhni, sadhus, Rai Bullar

Props: shawls, food, tree

Places: Nanak’s house, bazaar, camp of sadhus, tree outside Nanak’s house


As Nanak was growing up, he spent much time... Read more

Jataka Tale: The Brahmin And The Bull Nandivisala

Actors: Bull, Brahmin, merchant, merchant’s servants

Narrator: There was a small bull calf. His owner gave him to a Brahmin as a gift.

Brahmin: I shall call you Nandi-Visala. That means “Great Joy.”

Narrator: The Brahmin loved that calf and... Read more

Jataka Tale: The Wise And Fast Goose

Characters: Wise goose, 2 young geese, king, 4 archers, king’s assistants


Once the Buddha was born as a goose living on a mountain with many other geese. One day he flew over the king’s palace.

King [to his assistants]:... Read more

The Rich Almsgiver

The Rich Almsgiver

Characters: Silent Buddha, rich man, Mara, 3 servants, other people

Prop: offerings bowl, bench

Narrator: Near Varanasi, there was a monk meditating in the forest. He was called a Buddha because he was enlightened. He was called... Read more

Noah’s Ark

Characters: Noah, his wife, their 3 sons, their wives, 2 of many 4-legged animals, 2 of many crawling animals, dove

Props: “olive leaf” on branch

Narrator: Long ago, God looked at the world and saw that people had become very... Read more